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The Iron Poet

Skip straight to [Kozi4361]'s anno.
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In this thrilling new game show, a challenger poet is pitted against one of the resident "Iron Poets" - each of whom is skilled in a particular type of poetry. The two bards have thirty minutes in which to compose a work of art - using not pen and paper, but chisel and granite. No crossing, no drafts, no concrete-out, just them and the stone.

The efforts are judged by a panel of qualified celebrities, one of whom is a pretty young actress.

Detly, Jul 03 2005

The Iron Chef http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_Chef
A great show. Sorry, I thought everone had heard of this... Hence the name, [sartep]. [Detly, Jul 04 2005]

Poetry Slams http://www.austinslam.com/
Not a million miles away. [DrCurry, Jul 05 2005]


       Do the failures become gravel for the roadbed? That, too, would have a certain sort of poetic irony in the execution.
jurist, Jul 03 2005

       Paving blocks for the road to hell.
Detly, Jul 03 2005

       Hmm. A pretty young actress judging chiseling efforts. I like that.
baconbrain, Jul 03 2005

       Iron poetry should be worked by ironmongers.   

       The Aegis of Chiselry?
reensure, Jul 03 2005

       Regis and Kathy Lee?
RayfordSteele, Jul 03 2005

       A poetic fight's a sight I'd see
A match of might in poetry
Yet more, I'm sure, I'm not alone
We want your title changed to stone

sartep, Jul 03 2005

       Dorothy! These aren't yellow bricks - they're incontinence pads!
benfrost, Jul 03 2005

       [benfrost] Is that free verse or stand up? I did laugh on first encounter.
Zimmy, Jul 04 2005

       I have heard of the show, but felt that your idea was good enough to have a name stand on its own with out a reference to the show.
sartep, Jul 04 2005

       I like this idea, The subject for the poems could be suggested by the audience, and picked out of a huge iron hat....."And the subject for tonight's Iron poem is.........A Cheese called Ian!
Minimal, Jul 05 2005

       Entirely uncertain why blocks of stone are involved - poetry is mostly written in letters and books, not carved in stone. Are you thinking of epitaphs?   

       Apart from that, this sounds like a poetry slam. (Although some slams appear to allow advance preparation.)
DrCurry, Jul 05 2005

       The blocks of stone are involved so the pretty young actress can judge chiseling effort: "Well, I, um, the guy with the biceps, you know, he really pounded hard, and so fast . . ."
baconbrain, Jul 05 2005

       There once was a poet named [Detly]...   

       ...who, er... uh... nuts.   

       [DrCurry] - just to add that special, over the top, we're-really-not- messing-about-just- ask-Takeshi element to the game.
Detly, Jul 05 2005

       I think the poets should wear berets....
Minimal, Jul 05 2005

       Yes. There should be large brass pans beneath them to catch the stone. Cloth tarps would be pedestrian, and to waste paper during a paper shortage is the height of bad taste.
reensure, Jul 05 2005

       [+] but I think that the description should be written in Haiku... something like this:   

       In thrilling game show,
A bard fights Iron Poet,
With stone and chisel.

       Ir'n Poet crowned,
After thirty minutes fly,
Judged by panel.

       Panel is made of,
qualified celeb's,
One, pretty actress.
Kozi4361, Jul 05 2005


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