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The New "I've Got So Much Money, I'd Like to Know What to Do With It Show"

Give the Ultra Rich a TV Show, Anything's Possible
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Disclaimer....this is not about "class-warfare"....it is about "class-funfare"

The point is simply....there has to be plenty of hmmm....intelligent, daring, charismatic, photogenic, gameful megamillionaires out there that....if given the chance..... would love to be on a TV show to really flex their bank accounts.... compete with each other on a national or even global stage......

They are out there....and my bet is they need a break from their corporate meetings....their $10,000 a plate dinners.

The facts are staggering....a matter of sheer statistics and the general momentum of money going to the top.

In the US, it has been estimated that the top 1% control up to 50 Trillion Dollars. Donald Trump made a quick bid for president the last go around and said....why not impose a one time 10% tax on the ultra rich..... it could pay off the entire 5 Trillion (now 6 Trillion) total debt. A "good investment in America"...he called it. 2 weeks later....he disappeared of course. But this was just a bad idea....not any indication of what could be accomplished with a creative TV show.

Lotterys alone create at least 1000 new megamillionaires a year in the US (check that). They should be willing participants. Studies show they are often perplexed as far as what as to do with such new found wealth. Often they become depressed. The dream of being on a TV show could represent hope for these people.

Don't get me wrong....I personnally believe that there's no problem with having "most" of the money at the top. This is not to try to undue that delicate balance.

So what if ultimately we all just rent space and have a credit card. Hopefully we'll be happy consumers. That's not necessary a bad scenario.

BTW.....I'm saving quite a few nik-naks.....and anticipate a day when back issues of hot rod magazine should bring a pretty penny.

No..we can all rest assured that in the "free world" there are checks and balances which thwart the taking away of our most dear freedoms....our ability to go to work....our ability to buy whatever music we want....etc. Try charging us $100 for a 6 pack of beer....just try it. Such "thresholds of pain" our universally built into free enterprising systems and constantly protect us.

But I digress. Why not have fun in the process....and possibly get a "kick back" for the consumer? It gives me pins and needles to think of a show where Billionaires who truly have no idea what to do with their money play for high stakes.

Even after the advertisers are paid, the hotel bills, limos etc....there should be plenty of money making potential to build 1000s of Disneylands throughout the world....and one could be in your neighborhood.

Yes of course there's a catch 22 that once all the money comes rolling in.... decisions would have to be made on what to do with it. One shouldn't adversely critique the idea based on that premise when simple solutions such as random dumping of money out of a C-130 could be the answer.

Remember the recent concept.... "The rich guy pick pretty girl pagent"....well that never worked out...although the producers generally had the right idea. Problem as I see it was... no challenge to seriously risk money was involved...although it demonstrated the nail biting potential of what is possible. Maybe it could be incorporated somehow as a consolation prize.....

Some basic research should be done....an investigative survey...just to find out how game these people really are.

Bob Wade, May 12 2002


       Bob, you might want to cut the self-justification and ellipses and re-write this so as to explain what the hell this is about. Is it gambling? Philanthropy? Giving a bunch of money to a TV station for them to spend how they see fit?
pottedstu, May 12 2002

       Try cutting down the name of the idea, its too long.
[ sctld ], May 12 2002

       Nouveau Riche
My pop has some early issues of Hot Rod himself - unbelievable just how inexpensive advertised parts were back then.
thumbwax, May 12 2002

       You know, if you take away the understanding that the word 'pop' means father, that sentence looses all meaning.
[ sctld ], May 12 2002

       [sctld] good game - change the meaning of each word in turn and see how the meaning of the sentence changes.   

       Now let's try it with 'looses' - imagine that it means 'loses'... err... nah, doesn't work.
lubbit, May 12 2002

       Good game, but we'd get caught up in the flow and likely forget this site's very tagline "not only a good idea, but also some bad ones". Now, you wouldn't like it if this week's winner won on the idea of sending eveyone in the country a magazine free for one year…and next week you got your first weekly issue of ‘Cotton Ball Saver's Journal’ or ‘Fruitcake Fancier’…unless I've mislead you into believing you should like those.
reensure, May 13 2002

       pottedstu...sorry I put to many bricks in the foundation.   

       "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" was completely lame in my opinion. There's a pile of other shows which document everything from the choice of curtains to just how well the pet is handling the situation. BORING.   

       OK....there are some alternatives..... you can watch baseball here...which is a pretty effective growing situational drama for the ultra rich....filled with gambling, substance abuse, all sorts of off line antics...   

       Don't you think the concept of providing a "windfall" for the average person is possible?   

       A ticket, parking, beer and a hot dog for $100 is a kick in the butt in my opinion. And in the end....I'm left wondering if they really came to play in the first place.
Bob Wade, May 13 2002

       This idea seems to consist entirely of digressions, rants, and ellipses. What is this about? A game show where rich people do - what?   

       Many lottery winnings are now paid out in yearly smaller sums rather than in one big lump sum; I'm not sure the flow of fresh millionaires is as steady as you make it out to be.
jutta, Jun 09 2002

       You should try cutting out the irrelevant asides. Prune that wild tangle of brush and put just the straight idea up.
StarChaser, Jun 10 2002

       make ie a reality show,like "brewster's millions" and promise them more if they spend a certain amount,..watch as they go buy crazy,..then hit em with the surprise,..hahaahaha,..no cash,no prize,..you spent it for nothing,...lol
Iam1darksoul, May 02 2003

       I only read the first coupla paragraphs.   

       As we speak my friend is out in L.A. shooting a reality series showing obscenely rich people chartering fancy jets to fly to Vegas to shop for top end Italian sports cars while they sniff cocaine (off camera) and get massaged by sexy "air hostesses." There's no plot or contest, just the depiction of people blowing obscene amounts of money on stupid stuff. Should be a pretty big hit.   

       So, if I understand the idea correctly, this is now baking.
snarfyguy, May 02 2003

       Raw Genious. Fox Squared equals hilarity. See link. Half baked.
Blumster, Nov 19 2004


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