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Teflon Turbo Trousers

Numerous benefits.
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Teflon patches on the inner thigh and crotch of pants! Not only would they prevent thigh rub burn-through, the reduced friction would allow faster, more energy-efficient walking and running. I realize teflon is already used in pants for stain and water resistance. This idea is for a patch made with a much higher Teflon content than the rest of the material.
21 Quest, Aug 09 2009


       I can imagine this working in a running pant. +

       I have a personal gripe with teflon nanotechnology in black dress pants as the teflon attracts lint and dog hair.
dentworth, Aug 09 2009

       Just curious... why the bones? Is this Baked already? Some links would be nice, if that's the case.
21 Quest, Aug 10 2009

       /Just curious... why the bones?/

       I think mine is due to these teflon augmented pants I am wearing and the very pleasant reduced friction. I am doubly thankful for the stain resistance.
bungston, Aug 10 2009


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