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Visible Ring Telephones

How to tell the phone is ringing when you're deaf
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Deaf people have great difficulty in knowing when the phone is ringing. 'Hearing' dogs can help but many cannot afford these as there is a shortage nationally. A handy device worn on the wrist that lights up when the phone rings would solve this problem and can be made cheaply with modern radio transmitter / LED technology.
Doughboy, Aug 17 2006

Baked, apparently http://www.kermante...m/support/index.php
A 'wrist alert" is noted under "Products for the deaf and blind" - I'm guessing this one vibrates. [DrCurry, Aug 17 2006]

TDD Device http://en.wikipedia...evices_for_the_deaf
How the deaf "talk" on the phone. [Canuck, Aug 18 2006]


       In Batman, the hot-line flashes red. I don't think Commissioner Gordon was deaf though.   

       Perhaps [Doughboy] you might also consider installing little buzzing things on light switches, so that blind people can easily find them too?
zen_tom, Aug 17 2006

       I suspect this is supposed to be a joke (how do the deaf talk on a phone?) but there are such things as text telephones combined with vibrating wrist devices. There are even bed shakers for the deaf.
ldischler, Aug 17 2006

       My cell phone already lights up when it's ringing, and telephone handsets that light up have long been available for the hard of hearing.   

       But having a wrist band flash for a call is surely inferior to having it vibrate, and you'll find that most wrist alarm devices for deaf people do indeed vibrate. You need to think these things through more.
DrCurry, Aug 17 2006

       and when they finally answer that ringing phone..????? what perhaps? I am ignorant of matters pertaining to phones for the deaf, does the dog do the listening? - A Hearing Ear Dog?
xenzag, Aug 17 2006

       Other carp ideas of the same ilk include;
paraplegic treadmill
snake gloves
armbands for swans
safety TNT(non exploding)
fake counterfeit money (real money that looks counterfeit, but isn't)
waterproof shower wear
tasteless food
paperclips for postit-notes

       Q) What does a deaf fisherman use to improve his hearing?
A) A herring aid.

       Ho ho ho.
zen_tom, Aug 17 2006

       [xenzag] they type to each other. It's a special set up for the phone, that also blinks a red light when it's ringing.
xandram, Aug 17 2006

       'when you're deaf'...great...not 'if you're deaf'...'when'...
jellydoughnut, Aug 18 2006

daseva, Aug 18 2006

       To continue from where [zen_tom] stops:
screen doors for submarines
solar-powered flashlight
dehydrated water (just add water)
transparent or skin-coloured tattoos
aroma-free perfume
audio books on 8-track tape
I think I should stop now. This is too easy.
Canuck, Aug 18 2006


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