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Telescopic Scaffolding

Light and collapsable
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It always seems a long and expensive task erecting scafolding on a building. Telescopic scafold would be easy to transport and could be extended to the required length. No more trucks, you could just stick it in your transit and go. Available to hire at your local B&Q.
stunning, Jul 04 2003

B&Q http://www.diy.com/
B&Q UK [neilp, Oct 04 2004]

similar available at amazon http://www.amazon.c...103-4061425-3388639
baked a bit differently than described [oxen crossing, Oct 04 2004]

telescoping ladder http://www.thstore....upID=42&Company=147
might work in similar fashion [oxen crossing, Oct 04 2004]


       <Ca chunk! Ca-chunk-chunk-chunk-chunk-chunk...>   

       <g> Would you build these with telescopic brakes?
Tiger Lily, Jul 04 2003

       I think one of the merits of scaffolding is the versatility of being able to erect sections to different arbitrary heights. With the telescoping scaffolding, the height would all be the same and also limited by the ever decreasing diameter of the telescoping supports; at some point they would be too skinny to reliably support the platform. Also it would be heavy because it would all be one big structure.   

       What's a "B&Q?"
bristolz, Jul 04 2003

       I the far east they use bamboo poles. These are light enough to be hefted one-handed, and tied in place with plastic string, yet flexible and strong enough to withstand hurricanes.   

       I'm only a bit worried about your idea - if it's marketed to amateurs, wouldn't the added danger of the thing telescoping due to a badly locked joint be bad?
FloridaManatee, Jul 05 2003

       Amateur and DIY enthusiasts is certainly one that it could be marketted towards. Have you ever seen people painting the side of a house using just a step ladder?
stunning, Jul 05 2003

       I'd like this kind of thing for inside the house.
po, Jul 05 2003

       Do you fancy frescoing some tubbies on the ceiling?
FarmerJohn, Jul 05 2003

       you been peeking in my window, fj?   

       even or perhaps especially in small houses, some high places are inaccessible and I am not very good at teetering atop high ladders. for years now (and its verged on an idea post several times) I have wanted a stepladder without the crossbar going across the bottom of the back half of the steps because there are some places that just will not allow you to wedge it in. you can buy adjustable scaffoldy things but they tend to be very big to store and expensive.
po, Jul 05 2003

       telescoping ladders reach a max height of 12.5 feet, and the lowest section is about 4 inches diameter. Any bigger, I'd imagine would be too cumbersome. Bet this idea won't go much higher than the ladder (see link). Teles. scaff. (link) exists, probably not what you expected it to be, but also probably about as high as you'll ever get a stable teles. scaff. to go. There are well made collapsible scaffolding that roll around, and can be staged at 2 or 3 heights up to about 8 feet. I'm guessing that with the variety of similar equipment out there, this is either baked, and I can't find it, or some quality scaffolding companies have attempted this, and given up due to cost or safety.
oxen crossing, Jul 05 2003


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