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Vibrating shovel attachment

Get the dirt off.
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I was watching a front-end loader unload some dirt. It was somewhat adherent to the scoop. The operator got it loose by cranking the lever controlling scoop angle back and forth fast to jiggle the scoop. This shook the whole machine and was loud. It got the dirt out, but seemed hard on the machine.

I propose a small dedicated electric motor could be affixed to the back of the scoop. Its job would be to vibrate. The operator would control it with a button. The scoop would vibrate and the dirt slide loose. It would be easier on the machine. It would work for all manner of excavating equipment, cement mixers and dump trucks too.

bungston, Nov 07 2008

Dyna Digger http://www.gettingg...il.asp?productid=39
gasoline powered vibrating shovel [afinehowdoyoudo, Nov 10 2008]

about the Dyna Digger http://www.motherea...yna-Diggr-Tool.aspx
Mother Earth News article [afinehowdoyoudo, Nov 10 2008]

US Patent 7,269,943 http://patft1.uspto...5105&RS=REF/6725105
Apparatus and method for controlling work tool vibration [xaviergisz, Nov 10 2008]

a viable accessory to be mounted at the back of the shovel http://www.vibrating-motors.com/
It would be a wonderful experment to try this at home--in your backyard, that is. [rotary, Jun 16 2009]


       That's a really good idea!   

       You should patent that.   

       You could also use a hydraulic motor.
nomocrow, Nov 07 2008

       Eminently sensible.
phundug, Nov 07 2008

       Vibrating would also cause the blade to push into the dirt easier. [+]
MikeD, Nov 07 2008

       + nice idea, except when the dirt is wet maybe we could have a small blower attachment to dry it off for easy removal.
xandram, Nov 07 2008

       + When I read the title I thought it would be for a hand shovel. (It sounds kind of Star Wars - Vibroshovel!)
Zimmy, Nov 07 2008

       I too thought this would be for improved digging...   

       And a closer shave. +
daseva, Nov 07 2008

       I thought this could be useful when shoveling your sidewalk. Lots of times wet snow gets stuck to the shovel.
phundug, Nov 07 2008

       You could rig one of these up with a car starter motor and an offset weight on the axle. You could clamp it onto the blade. A clamp is not a good long term solution for something vibrating but the shovel owners would probably allow you to try this. I am not sure if the starter motor has the rpms for optimal vibration.
bungston, Nov 07 2008

       Plastic explosive would get the dirt off quicker.
8th of 7, Nov 07 2008

       //Plastic explosive...// would probably put more of a shock into the hydraulics system than you'd want.
FlyingToaster, Nov 08 2008

       aren't those shovels kind of heacy? what sort of force are we talking here, to get a good vibrate going? maybe there is a good reason the hydraulics attched to the simple lever mechanism are so big. nice idea though.   

       i though you meant it vibrates to help cut the soil. is that another idea?
williamsmatt, Nov 10 2008

       Or you could keep a huge jar of lube to hand and occasionally dip the scoop into it.
wagster, Nov 10 2008

       Could have used this a time or two.   

       //Plastic explosive would get the dirt off quicker//
A reactive shovel you say? Hmmm
coprocephalous, Nov 10 2008

       Paratroops have often used explosives to create impromptu "trenches" where terrain around the DZ doesn't give adequate cover.
8th of 7, Nov 10 2008

       How about a bumper plate between the scoop and the dirt? It wouldn't need much power to vibrate dirt off an empty scoop face
Voice, Nov 12 2008

       A vibrating shovel would require heavier duty lock washers.
quantum_flux, Nov 12 2008

       I think some jackhammers have an attachment that is similar to a shovel head.
Spacecoyote, Nov 12 2008

       Hammer drills oscillate back and forth to impact the concrete when driving in masonry drill bits.   

       Clay spades are pneumatic, hmmm.
quantum_flux, Nov 12 2008

       What actually is used are teflon or plastic coatings that get the same result, probably cheaper...   

       Also, one of the main considerations is that you want to decrease the attachment weight in order not to affect your machine tipping load ratio.
hassabrass, Jun 11 2009

       I too thought this would be a hand shovel. Having spent all day at sexyarchaeology.com, I thought maybe this would vibrate the handles for the *AHEM* ladies...
ye_river_xiv, Jun 12 2009

       I was watching the Diry Jobs where Mike tried to get the dry cement out of a cement mixer. They had this same problem on Mythbusters, ultimately answered with the Alexandrian solution of exploding the entire cement mixer.   

       I wonder if vibrating the drum of the mixer would loosen the cement. One could put the vibrator on and leave it on, maybe for days.
bungston, Feb 20 2010

       usually you can use the natural hammering action of the hydraulics and the looseness in the joints to pound the bucket pretty hard. I've never seen a pro struggle to dislodge the dirt in the bucket. couple of good jabs on the bucket control and you're good to go.
WcW, Feb 20 2010

       and that's why a lot of companies prefer to have women running the heavy equipment. Hammering is hard on the running gear
afinehowdoyoudo, Feb 21 2010


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