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The TV Patch™

Hallucinogenic trans-dermal system to help with addiciton to the TV
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The TV Patch™ is used to help with television addiction by making you think that you have already watched programs that you have never seen before. So while you are going through your day-to-day routine, you might have moments of hallucinations where you experience the thrill of a good movie or sitcom without missing out on the other activities of the day.

Sometimes when I have a free day to myself, I will waste it watching television. There have been many times where I have gotten out of bed in the morning intrigued by something that was on TV. By the time I decided to get dressed and do something productive with my day, it's already 4PM and somehow I manage to watch 2 more shows before actually leaving my house.

The TV Patch™ will help calm those TV cravings that keep you coming back for prorgram after program.. 30 minutes at a time.

Jscotty, Aug 30 2008


       I would say marked-for-deletion bad science, but there is no science here really is there?
zeno, Aug 30 2008

       placebo effect maybe?
redpandainventor, Aug 30 2008

       Is there a Halfbakery Patch version?
Canuck, Aug 30 2008

       I agree with the MFD, but even if this did work, and taking a drug would have you hallucinate popular television, it would just get you to waste your whole life with the drug.   

       What you need is a Tivo that blocks live TV, so you can only watch recorded shows. Maybe also lock it from recording re-runs.   

       Oh, and maybe, get a life or a wife as either will fill those empty days.
MisterQED, Aug 30 2008

       It made me laugh when I thought the actual patch would look like an old t.v. with a wire clothes hanger for reception and all...but then I remembered I needed one too!
blissmiss, Aug 30 2008

       weak LSD?
Voice, Sep 01 2008

       What [redpandainventor] said. I think this depends more on the beliefs of the user and the effectiveness of the "sell" than anything physically contained in the patch. You don't have to put anything special in it, just convince people it will work, and then it will. I'm not sure about the hallucinations so much but if you can find people who are sufficiently credulous to believe this will work, it will. It might be a bit difficult to advertise it on TV itself though.
nineteenthly, Sep 01 2008


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