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The Commercial Channel

Commercials 24/7
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This idea is about a TV channel that transmits only commercials, commercials of every kind, infomercials, short commercials, long commercials, vintage commercials, movie trailers, foreign commercials, business commercials and some others; all non stop.
appdirect, Oct 08 2014

AKB48 candy advert http://www.youtube....watch?v=ldS4c1iLyo0
[not_morrison_rm, Oct 08 2014]

4,560,000+ commercials http://www.youtube....ery=all+commercials
[xandram, Oct 09 2014]


       Not a late-night TV watcher, are you.   

       [+], but if it actually happens, I will hunt you down.
FlyingToaster, Oct 08 2014

       Not a TV watcher at all, made my saving throw vs that, but I might stay up late once in a while to see the commercials from the dawn of television. This would, as all programming does, eventually devolve into niche programming - the sexy commercial Saturday nights, the massively boring commercial programming through the wee hours of the dawn, the car chase commercial Friday nights, etc.   

       I am so glad I don't have television. I know there are some things I miss out on, but they're all available if I decide I need them.
normzone, Oct 08 2014

       My over-the-airwaves TV antenna picks up a group of digital channels ranging from 49.1 to 49.6. The first three are associated with relatively ordinary commercial-supported programming, but the last three are: 49.6: Home Shopping Network (all the time), 49.5: QVC (all the time), and 49.4: "paid program" (infomercials) --all the time! I've never seen anything else on that channel. So, this Idea is at least partly Baked.
Vernon, Oct 08 2014

       //I am so glad I don't have television.   


       See AKB48 candy advert....only in Japan etc
not_morrison_rm, Oct 08 2014

       I am so glad I don't have a television.
popbottle, Oct 08 2014

       Shopping channels? QVC? Where have you guys been?
theircompetitor, Oct 08 2014

       Besides Dish which has rubbish, (except for The Science & History Channel) I watch internet TV - lots of great things on You Tube,with no commercials. I'm getting an education with the choices of documentaries I choose. I would imagine you could choose **commercials** and get your fill of them. 24/7
I was thinking *all commercials* are kind of baked like [Vernon] said. AS SEEN ON TV is ALL commercials about stuff to buy, but old commercials would be fun.
xandram, Oct 09 2014

       Theoretically, you'd always see commercials if you tried to click past them. It could hone subliminal adverts of 1 second or less.
4and20, Oct 10 2014


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