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Tellytubby Morlocks

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Having watch a lot of TellyTubbies lately, I am struck by their similarity to the Eloi, the beautiful sundwellers described in HG Wells The Time Machine. The story is short, and linked for any who have not read it or seen a movie adaptation. The similarities:

1: Beautiful, happy people who spend their days in infantile frolics.

2: Technologically advanced, but degenerate - the tubbies are apparently cyborgs and are surrounded by wondrous machines which do everything for them, but could never have invented or built these machines.

3: Strange messages delivered by speaker. These things rise up from the ground to broadcast messages to the tubbies. They are brass and iron, and look old. The Eloi also hear ancient messages and obediently march into an ancient shelter when they come on.

I propose that a show be done on the Teletubby Morlocks. What does the other half look like? Do they have TVs too? Do they also eat Tubby custard - or something else...

bungston, Oct 17 2005

The Time Machine http://www.bartleby.com/1000/1.html
Really an amazing story. [bungston, Oct 17 2005]

Telly Tubbies http://www.bbc.co.u...eebies/teletubbies/
For the toddlerless. [bungston, Oct 17 2005]

seibbutyllet http://images.googl...en%26lr%3D%26sa%3DN
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 18 2005]


       mmmmmmm, tubby toast.
po, Oct 17 2005

       More like, mmmmmmm, toasted tubby!
DrCurry, Oct 17 2005

       Jelly Teletubby Toast!
DesertFox, Oct 17 2005

       DC, huh?   

       bung, gotta applaud the comparison. +1
po, Oct 17 2005

       That's the second classic today that you've bested me on [po], I'm feeling all unread.
wagster, Oct 17 2005

       Well I read the Time Machine and feel ignorant for not having realized the similarities sooner.
jellydoughnut, Oct 17 2005

nineteenthly, Oct 17 2005

[link] 5 down on the left.


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