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Temp Sticks

Easy remove bumper messages
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Quick shops, like photo marts, allow you to customize water soluble bumper messages. Stick them on like temporary tattoos, wash them off with a little water.

Couldn't be offered through internet site, next day delivery wouldn't be quick enough, because these would be up-to-the-minute messages, gone tomorrow, in line with today's fast paced world.

I see them popular near interstate highways.

UfosOverChina, Oct 09 2002

Magnetic Bumper Stickers http://www.halfbake...ar_20Word_20Magnets
Won't wash off in the rain. [DrCurry, Oct 09 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Bumper-Sticker eInk Panel http://www.halfbake...cker_20eInk_20Panel
Similar result. [phoenix, Oct 09 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Electronic Personalized Bumper Sticker http://www.halfbake..._20Bumper_20Sticker
Similar result. [phoenix, Oct 09 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Cartoos! Autoos! +   

       How about a little kit that allows you to make three or four of them? You could have a soluable backing in different colors and a soluable alphabet to build your message on the backing with.   

       Carry the kit in your glovebox for impromptu message making.
bristolz, Oct 09 2002

       Everyone's suggestions would have similar capacity, but what I had in mind would offer great detail like computer graphics.   

       One drawback is that it could lead to road rage on some of those long road trips where people repeatedly pass each other and respond to each other's rhetorical biases, but for special events and holidays, birthdays and such would be neat.
UfosOverChina, Oct 09 2002

       Great detail in a bumper sticker to be read from 20 or more feet away is, well, kind of pointless, no?
bristolz, Oct 09 2002

       I disagree bristolz. Sometimes cars are closer together in heavier traffic, multi lanes, at stop lights and parked so I don't think there's any twenty ft. factor applicable. I'm receptive to detail and far sighted too. JMO:-)
UfosOverChina, Oct 09 2002

       I think temporary invisable bumper stickers would be nice.
blissmiss, Oct 09 2002

       I've got two of those on my car right now bliss.
TBK, Oct 09 2002

       //temporary invisable bumper stickers // [TBK] or [blissmiss] Could you please desribe what that is. I seem to be a little slow getting that.
UfosOverChina, Oct 09 2002

       Look! Ufo,


       ...see it?
hollajam, Oct 09 2002

       Well, I don't get it, either.
bristolz, Oct 09 2002

       I hate bumper stickers.
blissmiss, Oct 09 2002

bristolz, Oct 09 2002


       <silly little warning> anolog-to-digital transliteration:
I was demonstrating *to* Ufo, with the power of a picture to save a thousand satirical words.
Temp-invisi-bum-sticks = 2x(::::::::::)

       But this just cost me 35+ words from the 'other' account.   

       [Bliss] The swing from //..would be nice// to // I hate 'em...// has me puzzled.
hollajam, Oct 10 2002

       [Bliss] I imagine you having "Temp Sticks" for the day that simply read:   

       //I hate bumper stickers// //I hate bumper stickers//   

       And [hollajam] you with //the power of a picture to save a thousand satirical words.2x(::::::::::)//.
UfosOverChina, Oct 10 2002


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