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"This is not GT3" stickers

Reminders for real life driving.
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All driving games should come with a sticker for the dashboard, something like:

"This is real life, not Gran Turismo. Please remember that drift racing is illegal here, crashes kill you and damage is always set to 'on'. Furthermore there are no competitors to beat."

This would help me to go directly from PS2 to car without endangering myself or anyone else.

wagster, Aug 04 2004

Is it OK to stick it on my GT3? http://www.autospie...rsche-GT3-RS-10162/
[Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Feb 02 2008]

Gamer's Decompression http://www.halfbake...27s_20Decompression
[calum, Oct 04 2004, last modified Nov 18 2004]


       As an original invention, printed stickers rank fairly weakly, no matter what message they're communicating. Wouldn't this be more appropriate in your daily journal or filed under “note to self?”
bristolz, Aug 04 2004

       Was thinking more of the mass effect of every driving game player being issued with one - I'm sure I'm not the only one who needs the odd reminder. Problem is the games only remind you to drive safely when you load them up, not when you're driving a real car after doing ten laps of Monaco.   

       Note to self: no more sticker ideas.
wagster, Aug 04 2004

       So there'd be a sticker on my dashboard with writing on, just in front of my face, that would keep drawing my eye. The problem is that I see many warnings simply as challenges. 'Do not dismantle' now that's just asking for it. A sticker saying 'drift racing is illegal' well... we'd have to see about that!
Sattamassagana, Aug 04 2004

       I'm looking at my 17" Dell monitor, and it looks nothing like the view through my car windscreen. Even if it showed the view through my car windscreen, it would still look nothing like the view through my car windscreen. I cannot see what problem you're trying to solve.
angel, Aug 04 2004

       I just ignore any and all warning I find to cross my path like that one time this VCR said "do not open high voltage" and I got out my toolbox and got to work and boy was that ever shocking.   

       Ooo look a sticker that says do not cross government property... OO! And a tank to!   


       er, uh oh.
EvilPickels, Aug 04 2004

       Now that's a spectator event, more of an invitation than a warning.
Sattamassagana, Aug 05 2004

       Yea, I'm sure that the RED 55mph on your speedO keeps you from speeding now doesn't it. An idea that may save you money on a car and gas is to drive a P.O.S. car like a geo or one of the new highbred electrics, then you can drive it wide open and still not break any laws. Or for about $300.00 you can have a custom eprom burned for your car that limits speed and rpm in order to make your current car so that you can't go fast at all.   

       I do think it would be funny to have this sticker on a Porsche GT3..   

       (By The Way) drifting is not illegal in parking lots when not on public streets (although you may have the lot owner to deal with if you don't ask first). Neither is auto crossing. I also drag race at the local drag strip, this isn't illegal either. If I had a race track closer by I'd race there also, this to is legal. So the only place that this sighn is valid is on public roads..
dlapham, Aug 05 2004

       [calum] - your link's pretty much on my wavelength. I think option three would probably be the most effective all round.
wagster, Aug 05 2004

       "This is not GT4" (upgraded)
"This is not GTA3" (also true)

Actually, I once had to stop myself from driving around an SUV at a red light... I had played San Andreas fifteen minutes before. :P [+]
ghillie, Jun 03 2005

       Time for the "you know you play too much (_insert favorite driving game here_) when..." jokes? OK, I'll start:
You know you play too much GT3 when you find yourself driving the "groove" on every freeway exit.
Freefall, Jun 03 2005


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