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Trombonic radiator

home heating radiator doubler
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Trombonic radiator has another radiator stored inside it, effectively doubling the heat distributing surface area when it is pulled out. This reveals its extra tubing like a row of trombone pipes.
xenzag, Apr 06 2008


       I think that the amount of seals required would make this impractical.
marklar, Apr 06 2008

       I knew that someone wouldn't be able to resist the temptation to make a seal joke.
marklar, Apr 06 2008

       Impractical? - I shall take that as a compliment.
xenzag, Apr 06 2008

       What a beautiful noise! Matt(e) Black (wonders how he is)
Dub, Apr 06 2008

       This would not be difficult to do, as long as water doesn't have to circulate through the extended pipes. Instead, the radiator is watertight has grooves or holes which contain a series of heavy copper rods. When the rods are extended, the water circulation remains the same, but the rods will carry the heat away faster and increase radiance.   

       Alternatively, a fan blowing over the radiator would increase the amount of heat it dissipated, up to the point where the water leaving the radiator was not hot.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 06 2008

       Alternatively, there could be fins that fold out, like a cockatoo's crest, or a venetian blind, effectively increasing or decreasing the surface area.
8th of 7, Apr 06 2008


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