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Ten Pin Gunfire Bowling

A game for two
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In this version of ten pin bowling, a light at the end of the alley turns to green and player one grabs a bowling ball and bowls normally while player two grabs a gun and tries to shoot as many of the skittles as possible before the ball reaches them. Players then swap roles. There are no points for hitting the skittles with the gun, but the more you hit, the smaller your opponents potential score becomes.
stupop, May 02 2002


       Unfortunately, you better limit the weapon to semi-auto, or the gun would get them all. Where do I sign up for league play?
dag, May 02 2002

       Potentially, your one-game score is 300. Realistically, after a few beers you'll quit bowling and just go on out to the firing range where you should've gone in the beginning.
reensure, May 02 2002

       Duck pins (easier targets) or candle pins (easier to topple)?
waugsqueke, May 02 2002

       Rubber bullets or those beanbag packets, please.   

       You'll also need some way to determine the pins were knocked over by the gun and not the ball.
phoenix, May 02 2002

       Can I choose a semi-auto shotgun with that big-size shot in it and an open choke?
bristolz, May 02 2002

       Can I choose a cannon?
pottedstu, May 02 2002

       I'm no expert on guns, but it would have to shoot one small bullet per trigger squeeze which would shatter the pins thus rendering them uncountable.
stupop, May 03 2002

       I reckon paintball guns would be ideal for this (provided the paint in them can be wiped away) because the pins won't shatter, but they will topple and you'll get a fetching multicoloured effect. Plus, this would help to determine which pins were knocked over by the bullets and which were knocked over by the ball.
calum, May 03 2002

       [dag]: Actually, an automatic weapon would be harder to control because of muzzle-rise, so most people would do better with a semi-auto.   

       [stupop]: I actually do shoot bowling pins, and they can be hit many times by 9mm and .45cal bullets before needing to be retired. You will get more use out of them if you stick with .22cal, but then they're much harder to knock over.   

       [calum]: I don't think paintballs would have enough energy to knock over a bowling pin.   

       Interesting idea, though, but I'm not sure I'd want to roll the ball with a gun-toting, itchy-fingered opponent anywhere behind or beside me. Maybe he could stand in a shooter's box just ahead of the foul line, and to the right or left of the lane.   

       Also, what happens if he hits the ball? My guess is it would probably crack, but should he be penalized for it? Or could shooting the ball be a strategy for preventing the bowler from scoring, and freeing the shooter to hit pins at his leisure?   

       Another thing: the lane itself, while meticulously maintained at better bowling establishments, would become hopelessly gouged and puckered from low shots. Wouldn't this be undesireable, and expensive to remedy? I can picture bowlers examining the lanes like golfers examine greens before putting, but only for so long.
Guncrazy, Jul 06 2002

       this would be a great way to while away those boring occasions where your girlfriend suggests you do something together just don't let her use for gun for safety reasons
dan23, Feb 25 2004


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