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Tenguin bowling

None of my penguins were hurt or distressed in any way during trials
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Take your domesticated penguin to the top of a slightly sloped snowy icy slide or hill(enough to pick up a bit of speed) that leads into a deep pool of water,(or let penguin waddle to the top.)

Just at the bottom before the pool of water in the snow are ten upright soft fluffy foamed fishfingers.

Let penguin slide on his belly all the way to the bottom and see how many of the ten fishfingers he can knock over before reaching the water for a swim and be fed a tasty fish.

Invite a few friends if you wish with their penguins and have a competition.

skinflaps, Feb 26 2003

On your marks... http://tea.rice.edu...od_last_penguin.jpg
[skinflaps, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Yay! Can we wear funny shoes like in regular bowling?
snarfyguy, Feb 26 2003

       Yep or bootguins.
skinflaps, Feb 26 2003

       Penguin curling, penguin jump, penguin biathlon (slide and fire)... the opportunities for a penguin-based Winter Olympiad are magnificent.
pottedstu, Feb 27 2003


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