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The ball stays put and the pins move.
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A tray with ball bearing like wheels has pins put on it and is accelerated down a lane towards a bowling ball suspended by a rope. The suspended ball then knocks down the pins and points are given based on the pins knocked down.

The alley past the ball is carpet to gently deaccelerate the tray for next go. If any of the pins fall down before they hit the ball it's a foul. the gutters are shallow half-pipe like so if the tray hits the gutter it's steered gently down the decline to the center without any pins falling over and having to be put back up.

Basically just the same as bowling except the pins move and the ball stays put.


       Wow. Doesn't even need a bowler. You just sit back and watch it play. Have you considered stadium seating for the huge crowds this will draw?   

       Consider a title change to "Unfun Bowling."...or is that redundant?
Boomershine, Oct 19 2010

       It reminds me of pachinko (a form of pinball adapted for fatalists). It's big in Japan, I understand.
pertinax, Oct 19 2010

       I hear everything's big in Japan.
doctorremulac3, Oct 19 2010

       Yes, I believe miniature golf is huge there. And, they have some very tall midgets.
Boomershine, Oct 19 2010

I was expecting a bunch of pins that get together and throw a ball at you...
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 19 2010

       [neutrinos] Now *that* might be fun. At least you get to participate.
Boomershine, Oct 19 2010

       And the ice.
Boomershine, Oct 19 2010

       I thought this would be a game played amongst ballistics experts. Kinda like 'name that tune', you would be given the last x seconds of pin movement on a film and you would have to deduce the starting locations for each pin, 1-10.
daseva, Oct 19 2010

       [daseva] I believe that's called "Debowling." I can see how you'd make this mistake...and I wish you had been right. SO much more interesting.
Boomershine, Oct 20 2010

       OK so how about a pile of skittles and a ball lying in the pit at the end of the alley. A team of up to 10 people (one per skittle plus one for the ball), at a given signal, may use both hands for a single heave. The aim is to cast or shove each skittle and the ball so that the skittles end up standing in their 3x3 diamond pattern, and the ball ends up at the far end of the alley. Scoring is based on a maximum of 19 points for a perfect run. A point is deducted for each object that ends up not in its position, and a point is deducted for each object that is not standing up. Points are raised to the power of the remainder after the number of team members is subtracted from 11.
pocmloc, Oct 20 2010

       You do participate... Your the one that pushes the tray at the ball.   

       [bbsof] Now that you say that, I see what you mean. It's just sort of a reversal of ball and pins. Your use of a passive voice in: //A tray with ball bearing like wheels has pins put on it and is accelerated down a lane towards a bowling ball// makes it sound completely automated, i.e, mostly a spectator sport.   

       Still, I can't see the fun in it. Maybe some kind of jet- propulsion on that tray...or a ball that explodes or something.
Boomershine, Oct 23 2010


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