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Waterbed Tennis

It's kinda bouncy at each end
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A regular tennis court, 78 feet (23.77m.) long and 27 feet (8.23m.) wide.

Complete with base-lines and the side-lines and net.

The only difference being that the serving base end is actually a sunken tough mattress water-bed with a grass covering which is engineered to a irrigated underground tube system connected to the opposite serving base of the court.

As play ensues "it gets interesting" (commentator)

When a player attempts a volley within the water-bed area, the pressure when he /she lands upon the water-bed sends a wave of water to the opponent causing a ripple within their water-bed box area.

Two tennis players are now bouncing about performing rebounding under/over arm volleys in pursuit of the match.

skinflaps, Apr 15 2004


       Jump to hit the ball and give your opponent a funny bounce. [+]   

       Commentator:He dives! ...
Player: SPLAT! *Slosh*
Letsbuildafort, Apr 15 2004

       Should work great for a football field too. They don't have to catch up with each other anymore and pile up, just generate big waves to make each other stumble and fall down.
kbecker, Apr 15 2004

       will we hear more grunting or less! drives me mad - the anticipation of waiting for the next grunt!
po, Apr 16 2004

       More grunting in the waterbed.
FarmerJohn, Apr 16 2004

       A game of doubles could be interesting.
skinflaps, Apr 16 2004

       It’s about time someone came up with a tennis surface that was more interesting than grass and clay. Water, yes, that’s good. Ice might be good too, with the ball occasionally freezing to the surface. Or...hey--how about hot coals?
ldischler, Apr 16 2004


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