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Terrible Kids

Terrible Kids for Husbands who Don't Want Them
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Everyone knows a family with unruly kids. They bicker and cry, fight and beg for candy. Is there ANY use for these little monsters and their infinite supply of negative energy?

Yes, there is. Enter TerribleKids.com. TerribleKids.com pairs the parents of these little monsters with husbands who are looking to try to convince their loved ones to wait just another year before embarking on a procreational journey. It's truly a win-win. If your kid is awful, you get a free night of babysitting. If you don't want kids, you get the opportunity to show your wife what it truly means to have a child.

This idea also spawns a side-business of child escrow services.

iamnafets, Jul 28 2010


       As soon as you set up this service and offer devil-spawn for hire to reluctant (potential) fathers there arises an opportunity for a complementary service offering little-angels for hire to broody (wannabe) mothers.   

       The little-angel service would of course need to enlist only those little-angels specially trained in covert martial arts in order to defend themselves against the devil-spawn while appearing placid and non-combatant.   

       For ethical reasons it may be necessary to bar an individual from offering both services at the same time.
Tulaine, Jul 28 2010

       This is just a charter for passive-aggressives.   

8th of 7, Jul 28 2010


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