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Total Identity Rent-A-Car

Not only rent a car, but rent a new identity to go along with it!
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Maybe its because I'm from car-loving Califronia, but it seems a person's personal identity is linked to the type of car they drive. Have you ever gone to rent a car and been tempted to screw the "sensible" one and go crazy with that convertible or sweet sportscar? There's a reason behind that. I say, let's fulfill those fantasies.

So, I say start a car-rental agency that not only lets you rent out a car, but lets you rent out a matching identity to go with it!

Thinking about renting that hot Mustang convertible? You get a collection of cool surf-music CDs, personaized vanity plates, a map of all the top cruising spots in the area, a fake cell-phone to talk on when you're in traffic, and a pair of wrap-around sunglasses.

What about that huge Ford truck? You get a free mud-splattering on your car, a list of all the local bars, a collection of country music, a big ol' cowboy hat and a mangy-looking dog to chain to the back.

Wanna live in luxury? Rent that new Jaguar. Comes with an automic entry into the "A-lists" of the top restaurants, and day's pass into the local country club.

Okay, I think you get the picture. The list could go on and on. Use your creative juices and feel free to elaborate. Thanks!

Cosmicgirl, Mar 09 2001

Utili-Car http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Utili-Car
Now, if we combine these services... [nick_n_uit, Mar 09 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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[angel, Mar 09 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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[angel, Mar 09 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Mephistas Dream Car? http://www.calwest-...pany/mikeschevy.jpg
found it through Google Image Search - better than Alta Vista [thumbwax, Mar 09 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Paint mine red please http://www.motorcit...99JA8335214767.html
Check the fenders out on this baby Booya! [thumbwax, Mar 09 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Nice one Cosmicgirl.
iuvare, Mar 12 2001, last modified Mar 15 2001

       Why is there the assumption that those of us with big, freakin' Ford trucks also wear cowboy hats, hang out at bars, listen to Country music, and have mangy dogs? (she asked while listening to a Toby Keith CD on her computer, while wearing riding clothes, while 8 Jack Russell Terriers sleep on the couch and floor of her office as she typed......) Hey! My dogs aren't mangy looking!
Susen, Mar 12 2001

       how about the PTA edition? Rent a big, utilitarian family van, get a pair of respectable shoes, a nice watch, and an afternoon of soccer practices.   

       Try the OAP package. Or the Starving Artiste. /ad infinitum/
absterge, Mar 13 2001

       Imagine all the cool stuff you'd get if you rented Air Force One this way. Or the Batmobile.
beauxeault, Mar 13 2001

       Nobody's mentioned the Volkswagen bus you can rent. It comes with tinted sunglasses, tie-dye wardrobe, clip-on ponytail, and a glove compartment full of pot.
wiml, Mar 14 2001

       If you rent a submarine, make sure you don't get stuck with the U.S.S. Greeneville.
beauxeault, Mar 14 2001

       For those of us with those Mustang convertibles... we'd prefer to keep the secret joys of that car to ourselves. :)
pnewp, Mar 15 2001

       I drove one while en route to a recent vacation in Las Vegas, ran over a kamikaze coyote milliseconds before it 'ran' over my side of the car - ewwwwww. Got that sucker up to 100 mph - couldn't even tell. Ever taken coyote fur out of the groove between a rim and tire? Not easy.
Anyhoo, I mocked typical Mustang drivers in the worst sense of the word on the way there, and Big-Ass car drivers on the way back as I was driving a gargantuan beast on return trip.
thumbwax, Aug 21 2001

       I like most any year that ends with a '7' as far as cars and trucks go - just seems that every ten years car designers hit it on the money. 1937 Ford Pickup for me.
thumbwax, Aug 21 2001

       About 7-8 years ago we rented a car to go to the beach for a weekend (Southwold, since you ask). It was a old VW Beetle, bright orange with big black spots painted on it like a ladybird. Just for the weekend we felt like hippies...
hippo, Aug 21 2001

       I'll go for the Great White Shark from 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' (can't remember the specific make and model). I can't drive but since I'm gonna be Hunter Thompson for the day anyway, well, that should just heighten the excitement as I hurtle down the highway, out of my mind on ether and swatting at imaginary bats.
Guy Fox, Aug 21 2001

       [Meph]: Was it fun? You *were* warned (see link).
angel, Aug 21 2001

       Is there a methaqualone-popping, bad-suit-wearing version of the middle-class, white, American middle-manager identity with a 1996 Mercury Sable, in beige?
absterge, Sep 07 2001

       A Barbie Dream Car package would be TOTALLY AWESOME! YAY! Goooooo Barbie!
rooney, Oct 23 2003


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