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World Wave

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Seeing another recent idea's name prompted me to write this one.

"Doing the Wave" is a common pastime at many sports events, when a whole section of the stadium stands up, followed by the next, and so on and so forth to create the image of a large wave passing through the crowd.

I propose that on a predetermined day, everyone on the Prime Meridian stands up at once. Then, through the internet, radio, and television, everyone residing along the next line of longitude (1 degree West) is notified to stand up. This continues all day with each line of longitude standing up after the one to its east, in a wave much like the ones described above. If pulled off well, this global wave could even follow the Sun. When the wave passes over oceans, people can rest, except of course for those who are on boats in the middle of the sea. The day would end with the residents of London and the other cities located on the Prime Meridian standing up once more at midnight. Of course, this entire event would be televised and webcast to all, along with the live brass bands, oversize balloons, and fireworks that accompany the festivities in every major city. This holiday would give the entire world a reason to celebrate, and create a sense of worldly togetherness.

DrWorm, Sep 14 2009

World Mexican Wave World_20Mexican_20Wave
You're about 7 years too late. [phoenix, Sep 14 2009]


       Are deliberately trying to make me puke?
unfettered, Sep 14 2009

       Oh yes, so insidious am I that I posted an idea specifically to make you, [unfettered], puke. Come on, man, if you're going to express dislike for an idea could you do it with a bit more class?   

       And thanks for the link, [phoenix]. Feeling kinda dumb now.
DrWorm, Sep 14 2009

       Well, the vein of the idea can still be tapped. What about a world domino? Or instead of a wave, a 'tsunami'? I dunno... something really bad might work.
daseva, Sep 14 2009

       Midnight? Why not noon?   

       To make it around the earth in 24 hours, the wave would have to progress over 1000 miles an hour at the equator, or about a quarter-mile per second. Seen from the ground, it wouldn't look like a wave; it would just look like everybody standing up and then sitting down more or less at the same time. Seen from anywhere else, would it be visible at all?   

       Better idea: Do it at night, and instead of standing up and sitting down, have everyone flick their lights off and then on again (after a suitable pause). Then there's a chance astronauts in space might see something happening.
Jim Bob of Merriam Park, Sep 14 2009

       Sorry. I thought you were joking.   

       As it turns out you are serious about this, please clarify your statement, "This holiday would give the entire world a reason to celebrate...."
unfettered, Sep 14 2009


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