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The Analog Halfbakery

In case of apocalypse, Halfbake here.
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Sooner or later the technology that sustains our epic quality of life, shall be stripped from our self-actualized lives. Whether by natural disaster, nuclear holocaust or global economic crash; The downfall of our amassed technological advances looms over all our heads with the same inevitability as gravity, lurking beneath a house of cards.

In this post-apocalyptic world, the halfbakers will need a place to go to continue the time-honored tradition of posting inefficient and possibly dangerous conceptions.

The Analog Halfbakery, an underground conference-roomesque structure of disclosed location, will provide such a place. Halfbakers will post ideas on a giant dry-erase board and cling-sticker buns and fish-bones will be provided for voting.

This may seem an unworthy substitute for the real thing, but better to prepare now than be left wanting later.

MikeD, Oct 16 2008

Jutta! http://video.aol.co...ail/yatta/984683516
[Amos Kito, Oct 16 2008]


       Since 'analog(ue)' in electronics and computing means 'analogous to real-world systems' and therefore continuous, rather than discrete or digital, your analogue half-bakery would be digital (but implemented in hardware), and therefore non-analogue by meta-analogy.
spidermother, Oct 16 2008

       The first horseman of the Halfpocalypse held a Telescopic Longbow.
The second carried a "real" Light Sabre.
The third came equipped with Stupidity Scales,
and the fourth rode a pale Horcycle...

       "It's the end of the World as we know it ....."   



       (Better have a charred stick to hand so that the Antipodean contingent can scratch on the cave walls)
8th of 7, Oct 16 2008

       Creating a collaborative international community could present problems in a post-apocalyptic dark age. The only solution I see is to project halfbakery ideas on the moon with vast gym-powered lasers. There's limited space on the moon for projecting stuff, so we'd have to take turns. So, I might project a new idea for example for a new way of making a nice cup of tea out of bark and rat droppings and another halfbaker on another continent might project an annotation just below it. Everyone would read these through telescopes. We'd then all copy down the annotation into our own 'local' copies of the Halfbakery writen in charcoal on dried leaves.
hippo, Oct 16 2008

       You do have a point [MikeD] - we should be coming up with post-apocalyptic 'bakery continuance scenarios. I personally favour the monestarial approach where ideas scrawled on parchment can be logged and filed in a great hall, organised by category (the creakingest bookshelves somehow spawning new bookshelves every now and then) by teams of scurrying monks. Once posted and catalogued, visitors (on pilgrimage) can review them, writing out their own annotations on paper to be filed along with the idea, and stapling freshly baked croissants or fish (hauled from the moat outside) to the original parchment, based on their emotional response.
zen_tom, Oct 16 2008

       I like. How about in the damp, ruined basement of the then-collapsed Marquess of Anglesey?   

       I guess there'd have to be several such places worldwide and intrepid bakers could pilgrimage 'twixt one and another bringing news of the latest foolery.
wagster, Oct 16 2008

       [zen_tom], didn't [po] and [dub] once bring you analogue halfbakery parchments?
theleopard, Oct 16 2008

       nice one [hippo]   

       we did, we did, def leopard. plus grapes. well, the stalks of what we'd eaten obviously.
po, Oct 16 2008

       The Halfbakery of Alexandria?
phoenix, Oct 16 2008

       Future historians and archaeologists, searching for the ancient wisdom of long lost civilisations, will discover the halfbakery and set out to recreate the mysterious and powerful artifacts described in its time-weathered scrolls. After decades of research, its secrets will be unravelled, and finally Hullaballoons will take to the skies. [+]
Wrongfellow, Oct 16 2008

       No, there needs to be more. The key features of the HB must survive for my daughter to have her spelling and grammar corrected by people from the other side of the world. We have to either launch our own satellite or settle on a Ham band and set up worldwide relay stations. It would be the only way we could repay Jutta and besides we could then rebuild the world the way it should have been buit in the first place, in the image of the HB. A HalfBaketocracy where there are no wars, just old timers enforcing vaguely agreed to rules of substance or humor with bitting retorts, all over seen by a nebulous voice in the darkness called "Jutta".
MisterQED, Oct 16 2008

       // launch our own satellite //   

       If push comes to shove, we probably have some spare capacity on our Cube's subspace transponders .....
8th of 7, Oct 16 2008

       + Build it and we will come!
xandram, Oct 16 2008

       Nice link, [Amos]. Every single one of those chicks was topless!
MikeD, Oct 16 2008


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