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The Pinboard Investment Fund

Barely Invest
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I came across this -- someone offering exactly $37 to fund your next startup idea -- and it seemed like an invaluable resource for those on the hafbakery :)


theircompetitor, Dec 16 2012

The above mentioned fund http://static.pinbo...rosperity_cloud.htm
[theircompetitor, Dec 16 2012]

and the winners are... http://blog.pinboar...prosperity_winners/
[xaviergisz, Jan 21 2013]


       //The investment is structured as convertible debt, which is the coolest kind of funding.//
Convertible into hosting and a bovril?
calum, Dec 16 2012

       Quote from the link: "How is this different from other incubators?   

       Participants receive almost no money, and are expected to do everything themselves, making them vastly better prepared to succeed in business. "
Vernon, Dec 16 2012

       Spend the 37 big ones on 6 months of hosting and a hot beverage, what else can you say. It might be a good time to sell afterall.
rcarty, Dec 16 2012

       What is the deadline?   

       Applications must be received by January 1, 2013.
Brian the Painter, Jan 22 2013


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