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the anti-halfbakery

That's a terrible idea!!
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I don't mean something that is against the halfbakery - I mean something that is the opposite of the halfbakery. I am talking about a site for intentionally awful ideas, purely for entertainment purposes. Perhaps the croissants of the anti- halfbakery would be cream pies, and the fishbones could be ..actually fishbones would work just fine.
Joolin, Oct 29 2009


       So, actually, you want to take 99% of the half-bakery and call it anti-halfbakery; leaving us 1% of serious and clever inventions?
vincevincevince, Oct 29 2009

       Bingo. It would help weed out the bad ideas. Remember though, it wouldn't just be a repository for halfbakery rejects, it would be as discerning to bad ideas as halfbakery is to good ones. Mediocre ideas would be fishboned, whereas only the hilariously awful ideas would succeed.
Joolin, Oct 29 2009

       It's very hard to do something badly in an entertaining way. For example, many people are bad at telling jokes, but very few people can simultaneously be entertaining (e.g. Tommy Cooper). Also the appeal of the Halfbakery is the mix. There are a few very clever ideas, some pretty good ones, some with a germ of something clever in, a lot of fairly dull ideas, and a lot which have no point to them at all. Clicking on an idea, you don't know which of these you're going to get. However, with the anti-halfbakery, you'd be pretty sure you were going to get a painfully contrived attempt at humour and not much else.
hippo, Oct 29 2009

       On the nature of opposites, I've always thought that the opposite of something was something else that was at the other end of the scale *in every way*. So the opposite of a website that contains a rich mix of original and entertaining ideas, isn't another website that contains a mix of intentionally awful ideas entirely for entertainment purposes, but might instead be something more akin to a massive rampaging cantaloupe.
zen_tom, Oct 29 2009

       Wouldn't the anti-halfbakery be a small notebook full of hand written ideas that fall into one or more of the m-f-d categories, written in code and stored in a secret safe so that nobody else would ever see them?
DrBob, Oct 29 2009

       By leaving open whether or not an idea here is intended to be good, we allow the output from people who only think they're good to serve as entertainment for an audience who appreciate the occasional creative delusion of grandeur, sort of like a combination bird- and cat feeder. If you tried to split it up, the new good-ideas-only forum would sink into a morass of bickering about whether something really belongs there; and the people who actually "make it" would be so terribly full of themselves, they'd be unbearable.
jutta, Oct 29 2009

       I just see it as a place for trollish ideas. Curt, brash, offensive, and lame. Fishbones account for positive votes.
daseva, Oct 29 2009

       Beauty/terrible is in the eye of the beholder/baker. So to speak.
blissmiss, Oct 29 2009


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