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The Appliance Alliance

"Appearing Saturday at Big Ticket City Midtown"
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Cold-warrior Frigilante and The Electric Ranger, Master of the Slow Burn, are founding members of this franchise. Free to pursue crimefighting full-time thanks to the generous sponsorship of a major retail chain, they are actively seeking theme-minded recruits to further exploit the financial possibilities of the lucrative superteam market.
The Military, Jun 17 2001

A Canadian Based Super-Hero team? http://www.ananova....tory/sm_321366.html
By the magnificant magic of the maple ... [Aristotle, Jun 17 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Boys, we've got ourselves a Kitchen Commando convoy!
The Military, Jun 17 2001

       With every great superhero comes the bumbling sidekick.   

       The Microwaver - Just a little guy ('bout 3 inches high), that waves at supervillians.   

       The Vent - Excels at screaming at the enemy (similar to Angry man), lousy at fighting but a great distraction.   

       The Dishrack - Can only interrogate female villians.
Reverend D, Jun 17 2001

       Can I assume that Mystery Men's The Waffler will be allowed into this group?
CoolerKing, Jun 17 2001

       Hold everything! I got my range at the Appliance Alliance. It's an actual appliance store in Phoenixville, PA, near Philly. Dumb as hell name, but a good place, they know their stuff.
Wondertoad, Jun 18 2001

       Perhaps their backer at the retail chain is billionare playboy Hamilton Beech?
cpt kangarooski, Feb 20 2002

       Hah!, 'rooski, funny.
bristolz, Feb 20 2002


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