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The Big Cheesus

Prophet made of fromage, with hella ego.
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This dude is made entirely of cheese, and roams earth looking for his long lost crackers. He will stop at nothing to pursue his dream of finding the menace that stole his crackers, and he will reak havoc upon his numerous adversaries... By night.

By day, he kinda smells funny, and has much to say about values, like sharing, and he's pretty smart and miraculous, feeding thousands off his regenerative limbs of cheese, all the while hiding the truth from the innocent: that this miserable wretch has no crackers.

daseva, Jul 19 2005


       I would have thought crackers were the enemy.
pooduck, Jul 19 2005

       I can't tell whether you meant "wreak" or "reek".
Basepair, Jul 19 2005

       Quel suprise ! un dieu Français.
neilp, Jul 19 2005

       Can he feed hundreds with a single quesadilla?
moPuddin, Jul 20 2005

       And a butterfly created him.
ldischler, Jul 20 2005

       Sounds like a truffle sniffing hog to me.
blissmiss, Jul 20 2005

       This guy's back story is like swiss cheese.
Fishrat, Jul 20 2005

       The Gouda Shepherd?
Minimal, Jul 20 2005

       for inventiveness and sarcasm...+
dentworth, Jul 20 2005

       If you disobey Cheesus, then you recieve Edamnation..
Minimal, Jul 20 2005

       "...and Fondue Boy!"
hippo, Jul 20 2005

       Cheesus son of Gouda...
energy guy, Jul 20 2005

       Who stole his crackers?
waugsqueke, Jul 20 2005

       Is stole the sacred crackers. Muahahahaa!
JuJuHound, Jul 20 2005

       I thought Goudism was an eastern religion.
Giblet, Jul 20 2005

       I'd Brie affraid just fermentioning his name in vein.
After all, we were moulded in his fromage.

       Romano ite domum!
Zimmy, Jul 21 2005

       sorry, but lame...
RayfordSteele, Jul 21 2005


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