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The Atkins Diet Starving Tag-Along Buddy System

A service to match Atkins dieters to an under-nourished buddy
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Ok, I know this one will get panned, but I thought I'd jot it down anyway. I know a number of people who, because of the Atkins Diet restrictions, leave a lot of perfectly good food behind that could be put to good use. Some typical examples that I've come across are as follows:

Pizza husks scraped clean, Breakfast hashbrowns (or any potato-based food), Nacho chips with the toppings eaten off, McDonald's Hamburger Buns, Indian Jasmine rice left untouched in the little pot, Pre-Atkins-Revelation dry foods that are now going to waste in the cupboard (pasta, chili with beans, pop-tarts, etc.)

These are a few examples of food waste that perhaps when a dieter is paired with an appropriately hungry non-atkinsonian, may help to reduce chronic hunger and bring peace and balance to the universe.

bevnap, Sep 04 2003

Jack and his wife http://lestoil.net/bc/sprat/sprat.jpg
[k_sra, Oct 21 2004]


       Every citizen to paired with a homeless--an excellent plan. Your very own homeless could clean your windshield, keep your stoop warm, and he’d do it just for the occasional pizza crust.
pluterday, Sep 04 2003

       Jack Sprat could eat no fat,
His wife could eat no lean,
And so between them both, you see,
They licked the platter clean.

       (see picture link)
k_sra, Sep 04 2003

       It’s a rare thing to be baked by a nursery rhyme.
pluterday, Sep 04 2003

       I always thought it was somewhat unfair for Mrs. Sprat to be depicted as overweight. It doesn't necessarily follow... and in fact, one could suppose she follows an Atkins-style diet plan.
waugsqueke, Sep 04 2003

       Perhaps Dr. Duck is a more pragmatic approach. They are cute and quite versatile with all of that land, sea and air business.
bevnap, Sep 04 2003

       this is a fabulous plan and one worth reviving, again... I do said wasteful things like leave all the bread at the restaurant in the basket for the kids. They get all the pasta I eat all the vegetables. It works well.
dentworth, May 22 2004


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