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smart muzzle diet

internet connected strap on muzzle feeder for human beings
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a muzzle is strapped on over your mouth and the belt around the back of your head tightly bound and locked, possibly even screwed or sewn into the back skin of your head to prevent removal or loosening.

the muzzle has a 'smart' entry detector that allows it to be ported into a food dispenser that is in your house. you accomplish this simply by placing your face and muzzle INTO the dispenser door. once in the door, the muzzle verifies that the dispenser is what it says it is using encryption coding.

the dispenser then opens and pours food torwards the muzzle, which is in an enclosed locked sealed dispenser channel. the muzzle opens up extremely quickly only for the food from the dispenser to get in .

the wearer then takes their face out of the dispenser and tilts their head a bit or whatever back and eats the food .

this procedure is repeated so long as the dispenser is willing to dispense more of your food, as scheduled by a food management agency.

in this manner, your entire food intake is controlled by robots connecting to a strap on internet device that is litterally fixed onto your face and skull maybe looking like the device that is worn by 'bane' in the batman series.

all control over your food is taken away from you.

as for water intake the water is dispensed with the food.

the eating experience is obviously going to be not terribly pleasant, however, all the food is necessarily pre cut into very small pieces, if not a mush. furthermore hot liquids cannot be poured in. finally, while very hungry people might attempt to eat food through their noses and nasal cavities, this is generally not a big risk to losing control over people as ost poeple don't even want to try eating through their noses.

teslaberry, Sep 27 2014

Eating Serpent [pocmloc, Sep 28 2014]


       All I need to do to determine who's idea it is is scroll up to the top and look at the right corner.
normzone, Sep 27 2014

blissmiss, Sep 27 2014

       This has nothing to do with other:general. Please re categorize.
the porpoise, Sep 27 2014

       Ha Ha!
blissmiss, Sep 27 2014

       The wearing of the mask will alienate most people, hence //other//. Consumption of food is the single most important aspect of being human, and dominates human activities at all times and in all ways, hence //general//.
pocmloc, Sep 28 2014

       I'm wondering why these ideas all begin with *smart*...
xandram, Sep 30 2014


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