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The Boss Alarm

A proximity alarm that alerts you to your boss' presence
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It is a rug you put outside your office/cubicle that is set to send you a low level alarm when a specific weight is applied to it, i.e. your boss, or anyone else.

This will allow you play with the soda constructor all day long.

SpocksEyebrow, May 05 2005

Sodaplay Constructor http://www.sodaplay.com/constructor/
As long as you're not [Spock]'s Boss [zen_tom, May 05 2005]

Spock's Beard http://www.spocksbeard.com/
Crazy Progressive Rock Beat Combo [zen_tom, May 06 2005]


       [Spock] - do you ever listen to Progressive Rock?
zen_tom, May 05 2005

       [+] for easy-deploy, disguisable, pressure sensitive alarm devices.
zen_tom, May 06 2005

       Nice. My boss has an unusually ninja-like lightness of foot, even for a librarian.   

       But this pad would alert you every time somebody walked past, which could be hundreds of times a day in a busy office.   

       I would favour a "chip" solution: break into your boss' house in the middle of the night, and implant a chip in his/her arm (having obviously first rendered them unconscious with a swift blow to the head from the stapler you stole from the stationery cupboard the day before) which would trigger the alarm you have hidden by the entrance to your office/cubicle. If you could also configure it so that the chip would trigger the anti-theft alarms in all major shops then it would be doubly worthwhile.
salachair, May 06 2005

       An RFID tag in the boss's shoe would do the trick (or in their neck/arm/ass if you really must slice the bastard) in conjunction with a discreet proximity alarm. Alternatively feed your pressure sensor through an AND gate with a sensor set at the height of your boss (maybe infra red or something) to reduce the number of false positives.
DocBrown, May 06 2005

       I just trip him, by stringing a thin monofilament wire outside my cubicle. "Samir, have you finished filling out those TPS rep-AAAAAaahhhhhhhhhhh!"
phundug, May 06 2005

       Our boss has a little bell around his neck.
Mr Burns, May 06 2005

       Surely you don't have a boss...Sir?
DocBrown, May 06 2005

       [salachair] Geez, what did your boss do to you?
froglet, May 06 2005

       Just add some adaptive programming to the chip in the rug, with pressure and step distance input. Press a button to alert the rug every time your boss walks by, and eventually, it'll know which steps are the boss's.   

       Of course, when he comes stumbling into the office, disheveled from an all night binge of coke and hookers, your rug is going to be clueless.
daseva, May 06 2005

       I actually like my boss, which makes it harder for me to waste his money by playing with soda or watching trailers. Interestingly, there is a ligh positioned in the hallway which creates a shadow when someone walks towards my office, which causes me to press one of the expose buttons. You know if you press shift+expose it does it slowly? I also once convinced my boss that AIM was a special note taking system...
SpocksEyebrow, May 07 2005

       That link stole about an hour of my life. So far.
Detly, May 07 2005

       We have a boss alarm, a nosy one who's already picked our brains to the dry bones.
reensure, May 07 2005


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