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The Buoyant Lift

Uplifting in the literal sense
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Imagine the early morning rush to the office, and your office is on the 21st floor....draat. Spoils the mood if there are 15 people stuffed in the lift with you, peeping.. eyeing.. invading you sacred space.

The Asthetically pleasing "Bouyant lift" is nothing but two huge coloumns of water encased in glass maybe), and bubbles gently rise up from one coloumn and glide down the other.

Just sit in one and relax you way to the top/bottom.

Zen, Apr 05 2006

Buoyant http://www.wsu.edu/...errors/bouyant.html
Non-illustrative link just to show that I did, in fact, Google it. [methinksnot, Apr 05 2006]

Similar. Large_20Bubble_20Rising
[Texticle, Apr 06 2006]


       Brilliant: make this work like a lava lamp, so that when you get to your floor you have to throw out a line and hoist yourself in as well, please. [+]
dbmag9, Apr 05 2006

       As a veteran of bouyancy control issues, I predict much shooting past your stop during the training curve. And are we all scubaing, or compartmentalized?
normzone, Apr 05 2006

       I fear he is drowning the other occupants.
po, Apr 05 2006

       sounds fun and dangerous
silentman, Apr 05 2006

       [silentman] should you be annotating?   

       sp: buoyant
po, Apr 05 2006

       I thought so too [po]. I even annotated the sp. Buoyant thing. But it turns out that Bouyant is so widely used I felt I could not in good conscience point it out. Link.
methinksnot, Apr 05 2006

       google said - did you mean buoyant?   

       surely a zen knows how to keep afloat but my real worry is where the other occupants of the lift went. I will probably have nightmares
po, Apr 05 2006

       Alright - I'll chalk it up to my youthful boyancy.
normzone, Apr 05 2006

       //my real worry is where the other occupants of the lift went.// [po]   

       Probably to the Buottom? <groan>
methinksnot, Apr 05 2006

       Similar thing posted here a while back. Link.
Texticle, Apr 06 2006

       po this lift would make you feel special as you have a bubble for yourself ..as for the others they each get a bubble
Zen, Apr 07 2006

       what's the bubble made of? I'm nervous in lifts at the best of times.   

       are they wheelchair/baby buggy friendly?
po, Apr 07 2006

       Wetsuits/Drysuits provided?
Doctors at the top to deal with any decompression sickness/burst ear drums at the top?
st3f, Apr 07 2006

       //Doctors at the top to deal with any decompression sickness/burst ear drums at the top// Yes, probably the early morning rush-hour would turn into the early mourning rush-hour.
coprocephalous, Apr 07 2006


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