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The Car Holdinator

It makes dogs happy and comfortable even on a long and fast journey
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A dog's house on your roof but it has stabilisers for the dog so the dog won't slip over while you're going down slopes. Same with the dog house itself. Now this dog house will just be a simple dog house with a few cushions and a blanket and a bed for the dog. There will also be a window that your dog can see out of.

For going up to 120mph there will be a triple-glazed window and a metal bar and door will slowly come down onto the original door which is locked, of course, and it will have a sensor on it to see if the dog has accidentally put his foot under the door and if it has, the door will stop. (The door will open up again and the original door will unlock and everything will go back once you stop.)

There will be some buttons on your dashboard, one will say "Ladder", another one will say "Slide". When you press one of them, a slide or a ladder (depending on which one you push!) will come down. The ladder is for you and the slide is for the dog. (Because who could lift a dog down a ladder? And dogs can't climb down ladders.)

Batteries not included. Terms and conditions apply.

crash, Feb 23 2007


       Hi, [crash]; haven't seen you for a while.
angel, Feb 23 2007

       What, no safety belts?
nuclear hobo, Feb 23 2007

       Surely you need the ability to look up in order to climb a ladder, which dogs physically cannot do.
theleopard, Feb 23 2007

       Dogs can't look up? Tell that to mine the next time I have something yummy in my hands.
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 23 2007

       crash said dogs can't climb down ladders.
BJS, Feb 23 2007

       The principle of micro-reversibility says that, if dogs can climb up ladders, they can climb down.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 23 2007

       The what?
wagster, Feb 23 2007

       The y can climb down.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 23 2007

       Who's this y guy and why should I be interested in whether he can climb ladders or not?
egbert, Feb 24 2007


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