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Real-world vehicle capacity rating

A lack of honesty
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Many vehicle manufacturers make a feature of the large cargo capacity of the vehicles they make.

Often this is of the "Small car, big space" theme.

However, the quoted "aircraft-hangar-like" properties of their products fall a bit short in practice, because - unsurprisingly - they're predicated on a vehicle with nothing else in it.

Now, just about all vehicles carry a spare wheel, and a jack and wheelnut wrench (though Smart cars are a notable exception). Some also carry a warning triangle, first aid, and a fire extinguisher, as standard equipment.

We propose that when the volumetric figures are quoted, a second value is also provided based on the typical minimum equipment that needs to be there. This would include, but not be limited to, 5 litres of fuel, a litre of oil, a tyre inflator, a tow rope, a set of jump leads, a flashlight, a high-vis tabard, spare lamps and fuses, and a set of tools including a multimeter.

An additional figure could be quoted to include a pack containing a sleeping bag, a folding shovel, and some emergency food and water.

The prospective purchaser would then get a better idea of how much "space" they are actually buying ...

8th of 7, Jan 30 2021


       You forgot the Haynes : a wonderful tome which details where everything is in your vehicle... within : a decade or so either way of year of manufacture, 2 or 3 iterations of generic body type, and 5 - 6 levels of trim. Works a treat as an oil rag.
FlyingToaster, Jan 30 2021


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