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Secret snooze pod.
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Ah, but I was tired. The excesses of the previous night had left me feeling limper than a wet sock. My tongue was a dessicated, shrivelled stump and yesterday's scotch was doing the highland fling behind my right eye.

What I really needed was tea, sympathy and an hour or so's doze somewhere quiet and dark.

Well tea, I could do. I could also provide pur-lenty self-sympathy. But a snooze? No chance here in the office. The bosses had got wise to the Fast Nap filing cabinets and had them removed.

Moving carefully so as not to disturb my cranial scotsman, I crossed the office, descended the stairs and left the building.

Upon reaching my car I unlocked and opened the boot. The casual observer would have noticed nothing unusual about the design of my boot interior. I pressed the discreet button on the right side panel of the boot and muffled motors began to whirr. A square section of wall flipped to reveal a timer and the floor began to move.

The floor of the boot rose slightly at the left side causing the top panel to suddenly roll itself up to the right like a slap bracelet and reveal it's cushioned underside. Revealed below was an air mattress, now fully inflated and covered with a layer of material as soft as ear-lobes.

I glanced around to make sure I was unobserved and then crawled into the boot space, closing the lid behind me with the handle provided. Sure, it was small in there but it was more than big enough for a catnap.

Sinking gratefully into the plush, pneumatic mattress, I thanked the day I treated myself to a Trunkbunk. I set the timer to 45 mins, switched off the light, settled my throbbing head onto the pillow, curled up and nodded peacefully off, lulled by the murmur of the air conditioning unit.

squeak, Oct 17 2003

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       Coming soon to movie theatres near you - "Doze Boot".
FarmerJohn, Oct 17 2003

       dosen't the back of a particular ponitac that everyone hates except for me have a bed in the back.   

       Also that durango has a tent, but thats a little off idea, but just a little
dickity, Oct 17 2003

       If the boot's a rockin'...   




       ...I've locked myself in again.
phoenix, Oct 17 2003

       And on a festering hot day what would become of you? Does the car need to be running to work the air conditioner?
lintkeeper2, Oct 17 2003

       I used to drive a Saab, the rear seat folded down, totaly flat!, not all angled and lumpy, like most cars. It was great for hauling stuff, and since it was almost seven feet long, and 4 feet wide, a double air mattres fit like a glove. So it was a sleeping space for 2 even.   

       I like the idea!
xylene, Oct 17 2003

       SOLD! ... need a model for my SV650
Letsbuildafort, Oct 17 2003

       [lintkeeper2] I reckoned on running the air con from a separate battery that charges up along with the engine battery when the car is running.So no. The car doesn't have to be running. (Please feel free to correct me if you know more about cars than me....which is very likely).   

       [phoenix] //closing the lid behind me with the handle provided// ...which also allows the snoozer to open the boot lid from the inside once they are done vegetating.   

       I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know that my suffering was ended shortly after writing this post as my fella came and took me home early. Bless him. I spent the rest of the day lying on the floor drinking tea, moaning weakly and calling for ibuprofen.
squeak, Oct 20 2003

       Shouldn't there be a sub-category "Product: Inspired_By_Drunkeness" somewhere on the HB?   

       Bun, by the way. +
k_sra, Oct 20 2003

       [k_sra] Probably. Also "Inspired by hangover", "Inspired by excessive coffe intake", "Inspired by dream", "Inspired by insomniac hallucinations".....and so on. This one was definately for the Inspired by hangover category.
squeak, Oct 20 2003

       ["Inspired by hangover", "Inspired by excessive coffe intake", "Inspired by dream", "Inspired by insomniac hallucinations".....and so on. This one was definately for the Inspired by hangover category.]   

       I'd just call it plain inspired! Here's a cwusonte!
seedy em, Oct 20 2003

       This would be even better with the "Parking Garage Office," or, "Carbicle." +
Detly, Oct 20 2003

       This is kinda similar to a "Homemobile" idea I posted early in my HB career. It got out of hand and basically sucked. In spirit, it's similar to my "Sleeper Coat (later renamed 'Sleep In Your Slicker')" [shameless self-promotion]. In any case, I wish I could own baked version of both ideas because I love the concept of stealth sleep on the go. Hell, I love the concept of sleeping, period.
Eugene, Oct 21 2003

       oh yeayeayeayeayeayeah I want it NOW!
crash, Mar 25 2008


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