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roof-rack boat

A streamlined roof-rack luggage box that's also a boat
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Everyone who goes camping seems to have a streamlined roof rack luggage box to hold their tent, sleeping bags cooking gear and so on. They look a bit like boats, so why not make these things truly boat-shaped so that they can be used as beach boats? Something like this should be better and more fun than one of those silly inflatabl
gav, Jul 06 2000

(?) Wildtop's link as a link. http://www.wildtop.com
Have a fun. [StarChaser, Sep 11 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       sure! then grab an oar, pull up next to the river, and just flip your SUV right over into the water! inversion=amphibiousness! hahahaha...
absterge, Aug 11 2000

       Like SUV's need any help flipping over...   

       On the show 'Junkyard Wars' <Apparently named 'Scrapheap' in the UK where it came from> one of the things was to make an amphibious vehicle, and the Navy team used the fiberglass top off a conversion van...
StarChaser, Aug 12 2000

       yeah its called scrapheap challenge and if I remember correctly the brits beat u yanks, on the SUV any one who drives one of those things desrves to turn them over into the river wouldnt this be helping them?
lost not found, Jan 27 2001

       Hmm. Not a bad idea. Back in the 1970s there was a roof-rack boat on the market sold through small garages for around £90. Don't know if it was also a luggage box...
mboxwell, Mar 24 2001

       Here is a real roof top box and a boat combination manufactured in Toronto, Ont. Canada Visit the site <LInk> Have a fun!
wildtop, Sep 10 2002

       <Admin: Link moved to the 'link' area.>   

       Looks like it is indeed baked, now.
StarChaser, Sep 11 2002


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