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Self-bunners self help group

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It has come to my attention, and probably to the attention of the NSA. GCHQ and South Wirral Scouting Association that a certain amount of self-bunning is going on.

As it has wisely been pointed it can lead to hairs growing on the keyboard and in extreme cases, blindness.

Hence, the Self-bunners self help group offers help and counselling, a place to admit to your peers "My name is xxxx, and I am a self-bunner".

One day at a time, and all that.

not_morrison_rm, Jun 20 2013


       I usually give myself a bone.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 20 2013

       Nobody wants to know what you do when Lady Buchanan is away, m'lud.
Alterother, Jun 20 2013

       Forsooth, speak not but for thyself, [Alterother].
ytk, Jun 20 2013

       Okay, I stand corrected. It appears that [ytk] would indeed like to know what His Lordship does when Her Ladyship makes her biannual sojourn to visit feeble-minded cousin Anice at the Rickerforth-Buchanan manse in Torquay.
Alterother, Jun 20 2013

       I'm trying to get a paparazzo career off the ground.
ytk, Jun 20 2013

       If your idea is so bad you can't even bring yourself to vote for it, perhaps you shouldn't have posted it in the first place.
lurch, Jun 20 2013

       I never vote on my own ideas. That would be crass.
Loris, Jun 21 2013

       Don't see the problem. In every election, the politicians vote for themselves. In a meeting in which people have proffered ideas, people vote for their own ideas.   

       It's clapping for yourself at the Oscars that's crass.
theleopard, Jun 21 2013

       Is manse a word in much use in England? I associate it v much with Scotchland (as in "Gordon Brown is a son o' the manse").
calum, Jun 21 2013

       Self-bunning could be looked upon as being in the tradition of Wilde (no, the other one) "I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train."
not_morrison_rm, Jun 21 2013

       I will say I never give my ideas the first bun, but as [lurch] says, if you don't like the idea, why post it?
MechE, Jun 21 2013

       Always after the first bun. Sometimes after a few buns to make it an even number.
DIYMatt, Jun 21 2013

       Self-bunning is fundamentally dishonest. Your idea's rating should reflect its reception by others, not your own attempt to manipulate the voting process. That said, if I see an idea with lots of bones and a single bun, I assume it's a self-bun and disregard it.   

       I have boned a couple of my own ideas, though.
ytk, Jun 21 2013

       //Is manse a word in much use in England?// A quick poll of my friends suggests that it is.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 21 2013

       How is "one person, one vote" manipulating the voting process?
MechE, Jun 21 2013

       Personally, I can see the case for rigorous screening before issuing a bun license.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 21 2013


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