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TV channels by name

Tune in by name, not by number
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Instead of being numbered in some arcane, non-standard, and difficult-to-remember fashion, manufacturers of TV tuners (TVs, VCRs, cable boxes, etc.) might do better to assign channels a logical name. Many TV listings give channels standard and easy-to-remember names like TWC for The Weather Channel, or FOODP for the Pacific feed of Food Network. LCD and on-screen displays should show these shortnames instead of the arcane numbers.

How would the user quickly select a channel with their remote? Would they need a QWERTY keyboard? Would the remote have a cellphone-like method for alphabetic character entry? Or would an intelligent on-screen menu (e.g. one that is sorted by genre in a 2-layer fashion, or that knows which channels are your favorites) be good enough?

beland, Sep 02 2004


       Isn't it quicker and simpler just to use the on-screen menu and pick the channel name you want to watch? This always seems to list the channels in numeric order, but it shows their names. It can't be that difficult to make the TV's software show them in alphabetical order.   

       And you can already build lists of favourites on most new sets.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 18 2007


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