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The Day Of The Great Hum

make an entire city hum for a day
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The creation of The Day Of The Great Hum requires the installation of a network of powerful loud speakers in the conduits of a city's sewerage/water drainage system.

At an appointed hour, a powerful hum will be generated as the entire network is activated. This will be clearly audible in every neighbourhood to varying degrees. In some places the hum will be prominent and in others barely detectable, as the sound work at Times Square was for many years.

Variations in the fequency of the hum will ensure that dissonant sound undulations are created, as the different hums echo down the tunnels, caverns and holding tanks of the network.

xenzag, Oct 03 2020

Russian Woodpecker https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duga_radar
Irritating ... [8th of 7, Oct 03 2020]


       I knew about the Times Square hum years ago, which is why I referred to it in the idea. I once made a special 4.00am visit to hear it when the streets where quieter. Most people never knew it existed. I'm proposing a much more comprehensive single day, city wide event that's signifigantly louder.
xenzag, Oct 03 2020

       Rather than a hum, how about a Woodpecker ? <link>
8th of 7, Oct 03 2020

       /,It’ll be tricky to calibrate between something that will make people go “Did you hear that?”// I believe a designated day event will achieve that outcome. Chairs may be placed in recommended locations to generate and facilitate audiences. I'm quite ambitious with this type of proposal. Fog horns can be heard for miles and this will be a lot louder, deeper in tone, sustained and in multiple locations. I believe it will work.
xenzag, Oct 03 2020

       Glasgow would do nicely. London is the obvious answer of course. I'm very fond of Rotterdam but don't think it would work there due to the geography. Leipzig is also a candidate for various reasons.
xenzag, Oct 03 2020

       How about Budapest ? That's in Humgary, isn't it ?
8th of 7, Oct 03 2020

       Don't you mean Buzapest?
xenzag, Oct 03 2020

       A had considered Humburg but thought it a bit obvious.
xenzag, Oct 03 2020

       A had considered Humburg but thought it a bit obvious.
xenzag, Oct 03 2020

       You considered it, and then you had second thoughts ?
8th of 7, Oct 03 2020

       So good it needed and echo.
xenzag, Oct 03 2020

       so, essentially, city-sized bagpipes? [+]
sninctown, Oct 04 2020

       Now you know why Glasgow is my ideal city of choice.
xenzag, Oct 04 2020

       I was expecting Attila the Hum.
pertinax, Oct 04 2020

       Too humdrum.
xenzag, Oct 04 2020

       A bun for anything that raises vibrations. The tongue must be on top of the mouth for this to work. I participate in Kirtin and I must say when everyone is in the moment echoing the chant, the strength of the higher vibrations are clearly evident. So + for you, and your little hummingbirds.
blissmiss, Oct 04 2020

       I live in Glasgow
chronological, Oct 10 2020

       Try not to lose hope, [chron]. Doctors are working on a cure. And after all, there are worse places...   

       <Consults list/>   

       Ah, no, sorry, there are no worse places. Even Venus, which has a surface temperature of 450C and an atmosphere full of carbon dioxide and sulphuric acid gets better reviews on TripAdvisor...
8th of 7, Oct 10 2020

       Ah Glasgow.... a super place with the greatest proliferation of vegan restaurants in the UK. Glasgow is calm and benign now, apart from the times when the cavemen from my home town arrive for Rangers/Celtic matches. Weaponised Bagpipes anyone?
xenzag, Oct 10 2020

       Now we are intrigued ... how do you "weaponise" something that's already a weapon ? It's like saying "malodourise Belgium" ...
8th of 7, Oct 10 2020

       Um, a long day of pondering.
wjt, Oct 11 2020

       //how do you "weaponise" something?// Adding blades, spikes, projectile firing abilities will usually do it. Converting the bagpipes into a weapon would be relatively easy..... I imagine the 3 drone pipes that ascend from the air bag doubling up as 8 foot long pikes that can be quickly swivelled into a horizontal position.
xenzag, Oct 11 2020


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