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the creche of belles (redux)

Junior campanology creche
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Bell ringing is a diminishing art, and form of musical expression in much need of revival. With the launch of the new Creche of Belles, this trend should be reversed within a single generation.

Image composed from several sources, and modified to reflect [angel's] expertise, and [csea's] excellent verse.

xenzag, Jul 28 2006

creche of belles https://sodabred.tu...-06-its-a-halfbaked
creche of belles [xenzag, Jul 28 2006, last modified Jul 28 2019]

bell ringers http://images.googl...26rls%3Den%26sa%3DN
points angel et all to this image [xenzag, Jul 28 2006]

bouncing baby http://images.googl...26rls%3Den%26sa%3DG
... now do you get it? [xenzag, Jul 28 2006]

Bell ringers actually ringing http://www.mclode.b...Rushden_Ringers.jpg
[angel, Jul 29 2006]


       More details might be helpful.
Incidentally,I'm not sure what those guys in the photograph are doing, but they're certainly not ringing bells.
angel, Jul 28 2006

       //but they're certainly not ringing bells// au contraire !
xenzag, Jul 28 2006

       you could at least have stuffed some cotton wool into that poor baby's ears.
po, Jul 28 2006

       Many, although, not all, baby playsets include bells. But quite frankly, musical training is lost on babies (though they do enjoy the music). If you want to influence Gen Z (or whatever we're up to), you need to reach the 5- to 15-year-olds.   

       I actually did go in for a spot of bell ringing as a teen, but I haven't touched them since, mostly due to lack of opportunity. Which is perhaps the bigger problem that you're not addressing.
DrCurry, Jul 28 2006

       Beg to differ, [xenzag]; to ring a church bell, the tail end of the rope is held in one hand while both hands pull on the sally (that's the thick woolly bit of the rope). Those guys are just standing there holding the sally.
angel, Jul 28 2006

       *points xenzag at angel's profile* Incidentally, I have been waiting for aaaages for someone to post an idea about Cornish traction engines that play prog rock on bells, but it never came. Not even in part. Until now. Almost.   

       Oh, and that croissant is mine.
calum, Jul 28 2006

       I keep wondering what this idea has to do with the Nativity manger. And where are the pretty girls? Not a creche nor a belle to be found anywhere in this idea.
jurist, Jul 28 2006

       [angel] //the tail end of the rope is held in one hand while both hands pull on the sally// - so that's what's wrong with the image - bell ringers have three hands!   

       [angel] - I'm sure you're right.... I know nothing about bell ringing. Don't care about collecting buns or fish either and never did - sighs, goes away.
xenzag, Jul 28 2006

       xenzag has halfbaked a creche of belles-
but most seem not sure if it's fresh or smells.
with just one fish and one bread,
clappers dance 'round baby's head,
and we'll all be better off with fewer deciBels.
csea, Jul 29 2006

       //I know nothing about bell ringing.//

Good thing I'm here then.
angel, Jul 29 2006

       absolutely [angel] It's always good to hear an expert ringing in your ears - I'm working on sprouting that extra hand though, so that I can take up the old bell ringing myself :-)
xenzag, Jul 29 2006

       Are you not capable of holding two things in the same hand?
angel, Jul 29 2006

       Tried that once. Just once.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Jul 29 2006

       transferred illustration to tumblr...
xenzag, Jul 28 2019


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