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The Hanging Chefs

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As you enter this restaurant, everything seems quite normal, until you look over towards the kitchen area. Above the frying area, sits a man in an elasticised harness dangling from the ceiling, who waves to the customers now and again when he is not busy.

On closer inspection, you may notice when an order for something fried is made - like a pancake for example, the man will take the appropriate mixture from specially designed shelving units and pour it down onto the hot plate.

Attached to special shoes that he wears are 'Toe Spatulas' that he may flip and tend to the food cooking below him - at just the right height that his feet dangle just above the hot plate.

The design of the Toe Spatula is quite simple, and may be attached to any kitchen slipper, boot, stilletto etc. A flat metal flipper extends from the toe region and is fastened in place via a clipping mechanism.

This will save floor space in the cooking area, so that other chefs may rush about doing their own specific jobs.

If we look further into the kitchen, we may then notice other chefs and cooks, each on their own harnesses, bobbing and swaying, preparing meals all with special attachments on their foot areas. 'Stomp Choppers', 'Electric Foot Mixers' and 'Toe Pastry Sculpting' are all commonplace in this restaurant.

As you are seated at your table, a waiter swings down from above and pours you a glass of wine with his feet as he lists the specials of the day.

benfrost, Jul 22 2005

But I'll be eating with these... Silverwear
[normzone, Jul 22 2005]

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       Unnecessarily hazardous to the wait staff, methinks. I want my food to taste good, not my chef to bob.
DrCurry, Jul 22 2005

       come on -it's armless fun
benfrost, Jul 22 2005

       Hyperdeveloped toes are common fare in zero g in science fiction novels, and people use them to eat with. I'm used to the idea, so no harm there.   

       And I love listening to someone talk about the specials, even though I know I'm ordering ala carte (+)
normzone, Jul 22 2005

       I can see the waiters, soaring over the tables in the superman position, A bottle of Chantenbleu in one hand and a napkin over the opposite arm....sheer poetry....
Minimal, Jul 22 2005

       ...and this will be your waiter, Bob.   

       I foresee an incident involving the fry cook taking an unexpected swim in some nice warm fry oil. It already happens enough with people firmly planted on the ground.
Cid Pablo, May 27 2007


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