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The Impatient Hand

Mouse that takes the form of a hand
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The Impatient Hand replaces your existing mouse with one that resembles a hand, similar in size to your own. It takes its general appearance from the famous horror movie "The Beast With Five Fingers".

To use the Impatient Hand, you rest your own hand on its back, feeling its warmth and quiet pulse, and move it around on its slippery palm. It is also more versatile than a conventional mouse, because you can assign different functions to each of its fingers. Pressing down on individual digits makes a satisfying knuckle click (adjustable).

The Impatient Hand derives its name from its behaviour when not in use. Normally it sits motionless beside your computer, but if you leave it unused for too long it begins twitching or taping its fingers, or scratching whatever surface on which it rests. This behavour increases in intensity until it rises up and starts creeping or running around, in a most startling manner, using its fingers like legs.

Comes in either male or female versions. Arrives in a special storage box (scroll down link for image).

Can also be connected to an older computer, by extending the retractable, fake sinew, usb lead.

Health and Safety Warning - keep away from your throat ! May have tendency to wander, especially if you have a piano.

xenzag, Apr 03 2007

The Beast With Five Fingers http://www.stomptok...east-5-fingers.html
let me introduce you to my mouse... [xenzag, Apr 03 2007]

It would look like this http://www.plastics...du/99-10HandTx8.jpg
right? [BJS, Apr 05 2007]

Virtual Hand Model http://www.sci.utah.edu/~wald/animrep/
Scroll down. [BJS, Apr 05 2007]

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       Would nicely accompany the Cousin Itt monitor dust cover.
skinflaps, Apr 03 2007

       Or get one of those virtual keyboard things, and use your own hand.
DrCurry, Apr 03 2007

       Too creepy. [+]
nuclear hobo, Apr 03 2007

       In order to increase your profits you could produce "add-ons" that are sold separately. I'm thinking nice rings and perhaps even a fingernail kit--complete with polish and fairy dust! The sky's the limit...
veryvermilion, Apr 04 2007

       Creepy funny. Exactly what _did_ happen to your unpleasant neighbor? This chili is delicious, by the way.
elhigh, Apr 04 2007

       Darn! I thought of a hand shaped mouse about a month ago (I should have posted it), but I didn't think of making it have a pulse or a sweaty palm or the ability to crawl around.   

       I don't get it, do you put your hand on the back of the hand, or on the palm?   

       This would also have to be available in a left handed model (pun intended, I think?).
BJS, Apr 05 2007

       I got that [xenzag] feeling on the second sentence.
bungston, Apr 05 2007

       Isn't there already a breast shaped mouse? And also a penis shaped mouse?...hmmmm
Blisterbob, Apr 06 2007


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