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The Internationale (Rave Mix)

A rave anthem for the Nu Marxist set
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Over the past few years, socialism has recovered remarkably from the death blow inflicted on it by the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the triumph of market capitalist democracy as a global universal ideology. This can be seen at the WTO protests, Seattle, and now the May 1 McDonalds-thrashings taking place across the world today.

Culturally, Marxism has made a comeback among young rebels, ditching the brown suits of the Soviet era and donning blue hair dye and a punk lifestyle. Even Fidel Castro himself, perhaps wary of being seen as a relic of the past, has courted the Nu Marxist punk movement. However, what must be said for punk rock (and post-punk turntablist electronica and whatever) is that it does not have broad appeal.

A few years ago, some DJs at a popular UK nightclub (the Ministry of Sound, I think) did a rave mix of God Save The Queen.

I was thinking that someone should do a pumping, anthemic rave version of The Internationale, the international socialist anthem. It could be played from sound systems at anti-capitalist protests, keeping with the dreadlocked rave party mood, whilst preserving the traditions of the radical proletariat for new generations. Yoof radio stations could play it, rousing their listeners to go to rallies against Nike and McDonalds. And if you're not a radical leftist, it could still be a marketable radical-kitsch objet, sort of like Che beer.

acb, May 01 2001

Modern History Sourcebook: The Internationale http://www.fordham....l/mod/INTERNAT.html
[acb, May 01 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       The McDonald's trashers, in the UK at least, are Anarchists opposed to any sort of central authority. They'd be very upset to be confused with Marxists/Communists who, doctrinally speaking, are at least as bad as the Capitalists...err...so I'm told....
DrBob, May 01 2001

       In Melbourne, virtually all the spokespeople of the M1 protest were from various socialist groups. Anarchists were notably absent from the organisation (though, perhaps, that's not to be unexpected).
acb, May 01 2001

       How about doing a cool mix of the Internationale (I vote for the Paul Robeson version) and something a bit lighter like the Carpenters version of 'Top of the world'?   

       It could be be the new anthem of world domination but still meet the dance needs of the status quo.
RobGraham, May 04 2001

       OK, so back to the dance part, there actually IS a house version of "The Internationale". I heard it in Beijing at NASA in 1995. I've been looking for it ever since. Here was the cirumstance:   

       At midnight, the music stopped and a shirtless Chinese muscle dude got up on a platform and started waving a huge red flag. The music built and broke into "The Internationale" (in Madarin), then segued into "Go West" by The Village People, then into "YMCA" (predictable). If anybody can find this, please beep me at bigwally9@aol.com   

       I'd be eternally (red) thankful.   

bigwally10, Sep 27 2002

       I like the updated Billy Bragg version w/ choir, but a house version would appeal. Better yet, a house remix of "The People's Flag" would really "give the kids something to get jiggy with".
Elvisatehere, Sep 01 2003


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