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The Law of Bill Relevancy

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Sneaky politicians will try to further their agenda by attaching issues unlikely to get passed to issues that are highly likely to get passed on the same bill. 2 things usually happen as a result of this. The highly popular and responsible issue is rejected because of the bullshit that's attached to it, and as a result something important doesn't get done, or the whole bill is passed because the big ticket item is so important we just take the bad thing that's attached to it in a compromise. Either way, Americans lose out on the deal.

Well how's about we make a little change to the bill submission policy. EVERY ISSUE SUBMITTED MUST BE SUBMITTED SINGULARLY, IN ITS OWN BILL WITH NOTHING ELSE ATTACHED.

Now, some things will seem like separate issues but really aren't. For instance, say the bill is intended to mandate a language learning program at all public schools. This programs needs to be paid for, so the bill may also propose a new tax to pay for it. As long as it is clearly stated what the tax is for and that the tax will be used only to finance THAT ISSUE, it may be submitted jointly.

What will NOT be allowed is a law changing the government employee dress code to allow 'casual Friday', and attaching a tax break for the wealthy. They are completely unrelated, thus they must be submitted separately.

21 Quest, Aug 14 2011

I should have known somebody would already have addressed this... http://www.halfbake...on_20on_20the_20Net
At least I searced the 'bakery first - this was the first result. [normzone, Sep 16 2011]


       It's most often called 'earmarking', and, now that we're rid of the Unpresident and his cronies, the legislative bodies are actually trying to do something about it (it was an Obama plank). Like pretty much every attempt to change something in the legislative process, these efforts are progressing slowly and meeting many roadblocks. Check back in ten or twenty years and we'll have seen the end of earmarking, because it will have been replaced with some other form of sneaky, underhanded bullshit.
Alterother, Aug 14 2011

       Isn't Bill Relevancy the anchor on NBC evening news?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 14 2011

       Your best idea yet, and that's saying something!
white, Sep 13 2011

       I believe several states already have this in their legislative process. The major effect has been the addition of a page of very convoluted reasoning explaining why the two items are related.
MechE, Sep 13 2011

       // the addition of a page of very convoluted reasoning explaining why the two items are related. //


       // some other form of sneaky, underhanded bullshit. //
Alterother, Sep 13 2011

       It would be nice - almost nothing would get done.

       Now tack on a mandatory periodic expiration period for all legislature. If it was serious they'd reestablish it, if not then bye-bye.
normzone, Sep 13 2011

       Just like The Good Fairy Jenny's restrictions upon [The Alterother]'s junk collection.
Alterother, Sep 13 2011

       // The Good Fairy Jenny's restrictions ... on ...junk collection //

       This is clearly some new, different and ironical use of the word "Good" that we were not previously aware of ...
8th of 7, Sep 13 2011

       The Good Fairy Jenny is [The Alterother]'s wife, sirs, and for that insult, I once again find myself forced to challenge you to a duel.

       <sound of glove smacking collective cheeks/>
Alterother, Sep 16 2011

       //mandatory expiration period for all legislature.// I assume you meant "legislation".
But I'm actually hoping you meant exactly what you said.
lurch, Sep 16 2011

       Well, now that you mention it, my enthusiasm does exceed my grammar on occasion. Although your idea does have merit.

       The [Alterother] / [8th of 7] duel would be a great pay-per-view event. But my experience with such matters is that geographic proximity limitations tends to cool tempers after the initial responses are exchanged.

       I though there might be an idea in there, but it's been done before (link).
normzone, Sep 16 2011

       TGFJ and I fully intend to visit the UK again. We can only hope the Borg will rise to the occasion. Until then, our little spats must be limted to the pages of this forum. As an upside, this means they're free to watch and seating is unlimited.
Alterother, Sep 16 2011


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