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The Magic Restaurant

Have an enchanting evening at a place where every meal is a surprise.
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The other day I saw a program on TV about street magicians who go into restaurants and show off their magic. I thought - well, at least if the food takes a while to arrive, you'll be entertained.

So why not have a restaurant where you train your waiters and chefs in a bit of magic. (in fact, it will be a great place for out-of-work and up and coming magicians to practice).

Now, you walk in and sit down. Your waiter 'appears' and shows off a simple card trick. You order a bottle of wine. He reappears with nothing in his hands but a handkerchief. Then, with a flutter of the hanky, he makes the bottle appear. Perhaps he has a cool uncorking trick too.

Then, when the meal is ordered, the chef comes to your table, and makes your food appear out of thin air. Or, if you've ordered something flambe, he magically sets it alight...

You could (optional) have the waiters take turns to get up on a small stage and do funky tricks where diners are sawed in half or made to disappear.

The only trick they can't do is making your bill disappear. But you'll be happy to have paid for an evening of entertainment!

Flux, Jan 25 2005

These guys offer the service. http://www.iballmagic.co.uk/gallery.htm
[skinflaps, Jan 25 2005]

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       Regarding the payment problem, at the end of the meal when the waiter asks us if there's anything else we would like, we just reply, with a contented look on our face, 'No thanks, we don't even want the bill'.
mensmaximus, Jan 25 2005

       If you're on a diet, you could have a mime "pretend" to serve you the most delicious, fatty, chocolate-covered dessert. Then, you can "pretend" you eat it.
Pericles, Jan 26 2005

       Did you hear about the magician who walked down the street and turned into a restaurant?
phundug, Jan 26 2005

       Or, they could magically double your check.
Weirdo55, Oct 18 2005

       i would hate this. i can just imagine trying to impress my date whilst the waiter mimes the menu then pulls the cutlery from out of thin air. if their heads caught on fire however, i may leave a tip.
benfrost, Oct 19 2005

       Of all forms of magic I always find close-up the most enthralling. Disappearing 747's just don't impress me the way that someone taking my watch off without me noticing does. As if from nowhere, a bun appears.
wagster, Oct 19 2005

       Walk around the London underground for a while [wags]. You'll be amazed.
hidden truths, Oct 19 2005

       "Time for bread", said Zebedee.
Dub, Oct 20 2005


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