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The Matrix: The Breakfast Cereal

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A cereal with cereal pieces in the form of red pills and blue pills. Each box of "The Matrix" cereal comes with two free boxes which look just like the first one but which are not as good and send you to sleep.
hippo, Mar 04 2011

Tasty Wheat http://www.scope.no...257&section=article
[rcarty, Mar 04 2011]


       How about after you eat your first bowl, you then have to eat two more bowls which you don't really want, leaving you feeling bloated and disappointed?
lostdog, Mar 04 2011

       Marshmallows shaped like mechanical squids and / or floating ships would be good, too.
RayfordSteele, Mar 04 2011

       Of course, there was a breakfast cereal refered to in The Matrix: Tasty Wheat.   

       A thoroughly referenced academic discussion can be found in the [link].   

       As per that discussion the best manifestation of The Matrix breakfast cereal would be called Tasty Wheat but have a different type of cereal in each box.
rcarty, Mar 04 2011

       It should taste vaguely like chicken.
RayfordSteele, Mar 04 2011


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