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Unlucky Charms

"They're always before me unlucky charms!"
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Over the years General Mills has made many changes to their Lucky Charms brand of cereal with more than forty marshmallow changes, but never a Halloween theme.

-Bleeding hearts
-Yellow fevers
-Shooting scars
-Gangrene blisters
-and Blue moons

They're tragically malicious!

Wacky Packages http://www.wackypac.../unlucky-charms.htm
Too bad, I like the tagline. [tatterdemalion, Jul 15 2013]

Not just for breakfast! http://www.rsquare....ewyEnergyCookie.jpg
I love the part that says "Baked with Love in Canada" [Canuck, Jul 15 2013]

The proof is in the biscuit http://www.londondr...670,default,pd.html
Sorry, MB. They're for real! (This is from my employer's web page) [Canuck, Jul 16 2013]

Ideal dinner party guest for MB http://www.youtube....watch?v=RblbZQth0KE
[calum, Jul 17 2013]


       Dear gods - I have just Googled "lucky charms", which appear to be 40% sugar by weight, the remaining 60% being dyestuffs.   

       Maybe they should add "Diabetic disasters" to the range.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 14 2013

       You must be looking at the wrong product [mb] - it is clearly stated in the idea text that the “lucky charms” referred to are a “cereal”, which is a category of substances that does not include sugar nor dyestuffs.
pocmloc, Jul 14 2013

       I suppose it's possible that the box is made from some sort of cereal derivative.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 14 2013

       I've always been horrified by the similarity between the names of breakfast cereals and infectious diseases or ailments...   

       Corn Flakes (you get them on your feet, right?) Oat Burst (eww) Crunchy Nut (common STD) Corn pops... frosted flakes... shreddies... golden nuggets... Breakfast suddenly isn't so appetising.
mitxela, Jul 14 2013

       You find the name Cheerios depressing? Maybe you should try the *cookie* in the link I provided!
Canuck, Jul 15 2013

       Somebody please, please confirm that the "Happy Colon" breakfast biscuit is a spoof. Please.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 15 2013

       [+] yes and the UnDead gingerbread man!
xandram, Jul 15 2013

       If it is a Halloween theme, shouldn't there also be little Black Cats? And Witches' Hats? Maybe some Eye of Green Newt?
jurist, Jul 15 2013

       Sorry MB, this is not a spoof (see link). I can arrange to ship a case of Happy Colon to your pantry if you'd like to have your staff try them out.   

       Getting back to the original topic, how about little grey brainssssssss... (Zombies would just eat 'em up!)
Canuck, Jul 16 2013

       //Sorry MB, this is not a spoof//   

       Dear gods. What possible state of mind can lead a nation to welcome a food called "Happy Colon"? Is this bought by people who cheerily discuss the firmness of their stools over the breakfast table? Or make small-talk about their vaginal thrush over dinner with friends?   

       "Happy Colon" raises crassness to new depths. In a civilization, its creators would simply be taken out and beaten to death.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 16 2013

       //Breakfast suddenly isn't so appetising.//
You're right, it isn't!
calum, Jul 17 2013

       Hey, if your colon ain't happy, ain't *nobody* happy.
smendler, Jul 20 2013

       I'll stick with the Drearie-o's.
RayfordSteele, Jul 21 2013


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