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The Wanting Seed

A movie based on the novel by Anthony Burgess author of A Clockwork Orange
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Based on the 1960 novel 'The Wanting Seed', this dysopitan nightmare of a world opens up on a street where a long line streches for miles.... It is the mothers of children who have died due to a lack of food...In America in 2205, it is not starships we have, nor travel to distant worlds....Due to the mismangemant of government, food and oil have almost dried up, and due to Global Warming the growing season is very limited world wide. In a city based on New York, but not named, the government has decided that homosexual relationships are needed, due to overgrowth of people. Led by John Smith, a mean, rather aloof leader of the free world, the government dispatches "Greyboys", ex-toughs, who roam the streets. making sure that everyone is being "GOOD", and beating the citizens to make sure they comply. A teacher, Tristam Foxe, and his wife Sharon, are caught up in this world. Tristams' brother, Derek, is the high police offical, who acts homosexual, by is having an affair with Sharon. When Tristam is sent to prison on a false charge Sharon is hunted down by Captain Loosely, an enemy of Derek, who wants the High Offical job. Loosely finds out that Sharon is going to have a baby, and realizes it possibaly could be Derek's...which, in this brave new world, is an offense that could bring down the government of Smith. Two years later, Lossely finds Sharon on a farm far away from the city. Meanwhile, due to a World Wide heat wave that lasts all year, there is no food. The citizens riot and kill all the Greyboys, and start to eat citizens to live on. Smith flees the country, and the government needs other ways than homosexual behavior to control the population. George Fleech, the new leader, decides that a phoney war between men and women would kill off thousands. He sets this war up on a false battlefield, where piped in rocket sounds, and sounds of screams accompany the men and women soliders to fight each other without knowing why, and who they are fighting. Tristam gets out of prison when the doors are flung open. Through a friend, he finds out that Sharon is now living with Derek, who is now open about his love for Sharon. Tristam goes in search of his brother, to kill him. Instead he gets caught up in the army, and soon finds himself in uniform, on a strange battlefield, ready to fight............ If you are interested in the ending please write.
Dogcat, Mar 20 2008

Catdog http://www.telemadr...magenes/catdog1.jpg
[normzone, Mar 20 2008]


       Sorry, but I can't even get interested in the beginning without some paragraph breaks.
normzone, Mar 20 2008

       //If you are interested in the ending please write.// Sorry, the interest may have survived two column inches; everything past three was overkill.   

       I don't think "make book 'x' into a movie" is a very original idea.
lurch, Mar 20 2008

       Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Hall, Julian has written a epic love poem to express his undying passion for a girl he saw on the subway. The girl, however, was on her way to the apartment of her lover, a married man of some means, whose wife was unaware of the whole affair. Simultaneously, around the corner from the vegetarian butcher shop, Yul was grooming his new thoroughbred racehorse, Trichinosis, in preparation for the Big Race. The winner of the Big Race would be excused from forced military service, and the owner would, too. Yul was looking forward to using the amnesty to protect his younger sister's friend's neighbour's uncle's valet from being shipped off to the Saharan Front.   

       If you are interested in the ending I'd be really, really surprised.
Canuck, Mar 20 2008

       [Canuck] Shouldn't you be up a bear somewhere by this time of year?
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 20 2008

       Since my seal club has been deemed un-PC, I have considered using it for whacking marmots, but, alas, someone has declared them an endangered species.   

       Perhaps I should venture into the deepest coastal Cascades rainforests in search of the fabled elusive Sasquatch. I might smack one of them with my club, but they're bigger than me and I hear they hold a grudge, like, forever.
Canuck, Mar 20 2008

       Isn't that a key element in any best-seller?
DrCurry, Mar 20 2008

       This is like Treon on an acid trip. It actually made me laugh out loud.   

       //and start to eat citizens to live on// - second helpings of Soylent Green anyone?
xenzag, Mar 20 2008

       /pathetic ego/ Hah! What a fool. Everyone knows you have a massive and impressive ego.
david_scothern, Mar 20 2008

       Perhaps, when [Dogcat] posts "the-next-Hullaballoon" in fourteen years, we will all look back on these ideas and smile.
globaltourniquet, Mar 20 2008

       I dunno. I don't find myself reading UnaBubba's old ideas. Or mine, even.   

       Most of Dogcat's ideas are not so much half-baked, as creativity things. Games, stories, shows are all things you can create very easily, but their success depends very heavily on talent, and there is not a lot of point in talking about that part academically. So the kid still hasn't really gotten the hang of the place yet, imho.
DrCurry, Mar 20 2008

       [dogcat], may I inquire as to what you do in your fleeting lucid moments?
coprocephalous, Mar 25 2008


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