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The safebox (bitcoin heist movie)

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Bitcoin is a pretty cool crypto currency, and bank heist is often a pretty cool movie.

Let's combine the two!

But hey! you say... cyber hacking is lame, people sitting in chairs stealing bitcoins for the rest of the movie doesn't make for a fun show.

Well here is another thing! Bitcoins apparently can be stored on paper too! If its on paper, it cannot be hacked right? Especially if its in an unknown swiss (or NYC bank) safebox ya? A very good idea for your budding paranoid crime boss who is eventually assassinated, leaving only a trail of clues to the location of the safebox.

That's true, it cannot be hacked via computers, but that doesn't mean it can't be hacked open by a buzzsaw. If that's your approach, then you better locate the safebox fast, before the fed locate it and seize it as dirty crypto money. And hence our story begins...

mofosyne, Jul 17 2013


       dude this has already happened in real life. massive heists of bitcoin have happened more than once. i don't know that it would make such a good movie better than massive ordinary money heists.   

       i'm sorry , but for one of the very first times on hafl bakery, i'm giving you a fishbone. sorry bra.
teslaberry, Feb 11 2014

       There are some pretty cool bank heist movies, why would not being better than a good movie be bad? Also, why woul a real world precedent detract from a heist movie? [+]
erenjay, Feb 12 2014

       It could be fun to see malevolent hackers and code dusters figure out how to do real violence to match their Bulgarian mafia adversaries.
bungston, Feb 12 2014


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