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Too loud

man goes to party and its too loud. Second half of movie he's deaf.
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Sound goes off at that stage, and we only see him. Here' he's by the ears doctor, later getting hearing aids which don't help, and finally during the closing moments, we see him learning sign language.

Written following a wedding that is still ringing in my ears.

pashute, Nov 16 2021

Sound of Metal https://www.austinc...-in-sound-of-metal/
I haven't seen this film, but it seems to have a similar plot. [xaviergisz, Nov 16 2021]


       I'm not sure "learning sign-language" would make for interesting viewing for the audience, unless it is actually positioned as a sign-language tutorial.
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 16 2021

       The titles are people sign languaging while moving up. No text.
pashute, Nov 16 2021

       This would need to be only part of the plot, not the whole plot.   

       Perhaps he could take to carrying around cue cards, which resembled the dialog/commentary cards from silent films. Every time he held one up, 1920s piano music would play.   

       Perhaps he could become happier, by imagining people saying only nice things about him.   

       Perhaps he would take to writing lots of letters.
pertinax, Nov 16 2021

       Sounds super boring. [-]
Voice, Nov 17 2021

       Noise cancelling ear defenders?
whatrock, Nov 17 2021

       This is just the framework for the movie and a technique. The actual plot is written independently by expert non- halfbakers. So it shouldn't sound boring, even to Voice. ;-)
pashute, Nov 18 2021


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