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The Naturists Channel

All Nudes, All The Time!
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Not porn, please, but simply normal TV shows all in the buff. News (we could license Naked News, even if it is really a strip tease), talking heads, game shows, sports (especially tennis), rock concerts and music videos, anything else that would look good naked.
DrCurry, May 27 2002

Didn't help the ratings much. http://news.bbc.co....d_280000/280884.stm
[brewmaster, May 27 2002]

Television Themes http://www.halfbake...Television_20Themes
TV the way you want it. [phoenix, May 27 2002]

ITC ruling over 'Naked Jungle'. http://www.armage.d...ns/itc_rulings.html
Naked Jungle was a 'nude game show'. It was the first attempt on UK terrestrial TV to present something akin to DrCurry's idea. It was pilloried in the press and other media but actually did OK in the ratings. It can only have been due to monkey curiosity though because the show was utter crap (so I'm told). [DrBob, May 28 2002]

Nude Radio http://www.naturalradioonline.com/
is Baked, FarmerJohn. [DrCurry, Jun 23 2002]

Cinemax http://www.cinemax.com/
[bookworm, Jun 23 2002]


       I saw a game of nude men's volleyball once, and I can assure you, there is nothing appealing about a bunch of sweaty strange men jiggling their wiggly bits in broad daylight.
Helium, May 27 2002

       And I wouldn't find it appealing either, in narrow or dark light.
neelandan, May 27 2002

       is this a professional interest you have? what sort of doctor are you anyway? this is possibly baked as in Big Brother. croissant for you.
po, May 27 2002

       There seems to be an unwritten rule that naturists (at least those who appear on TV) need to be over weight and in their late 50s. So I not sure if I can share your hope for more naturist TV.
mcscotland, May 27 2002

       This is almost certainly baked in one of those odd European countries.
angel, May 27 2002

       mcscotland: note "look good naked" reference - regular TV only seems to present the young and the beautiful, and I'm not about to break the mold.   

       UnaBubba: well, I never saw that and *I* thought of this idea 36 months ago. Just never told anyone about it before. (Probably a good thing too.)
DrCurry, May 27 2002

       This has nothing to do with a recent faux pas uttered by a weight lifting commentator is it? ("I saw her snatch last night and it was a wonderous thing" .... or words to that effect.) Should we employ some retired air-brushers from Health and Efficiency magazine to do some very fast paint jobs during the frame by frame replays?
paddler, May 27 2002

       I'm with you then good doctor - I dead against normal people appearing on my tele (can you be 'normal' and want to appear on TV?). Especially naked.
mcscotland, May 27 2002

       Don't forget the trailblazing UK cable channel LIVEtv (link).
brewmaster, May 27 2002

       It's baked. No, it's overbaked.
mailer_daemon, May 27 2002

       I am hypnotically drawn to Helium's anno in the manner of a passing driver to a road accident. I may periodically revive this idea just for the hell of it.
po, May 27 2002

       It's the Trampoline Cam--only on The Naturists Channel!
entremanure, May 28 2002

       UB: They were like the end of a book, hard on the outside but all the mystery was gone.
Helium, May 28 2002

       News Flash--The Trampoline Cam now has stop action and slow motion capability. Also two more cameras added due to popular demand. No age or weight limit on trampolinists. Bystanders are cautioned to sign the waiver before crossing the spectator safety line.
entremanure, May 29 2002

       This idea seems best suited to third world countries that are having a problem with population control. Given enough repeated exposure to images of old, sweaty, fat bodies, most people will eventually lose most of their interest in sex. Don't believe me? Check out the population rate in the UK.
wesweswes, May 29 2002

       Maybe nude radio is the answer.
FarmerJohn, May 29 2002


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