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The Off Switch

Save The Planet (TM) by, like, switching stuff off in a really easy way, dude.
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The idea is riveting in its simplicity. Change household wiring standards so that it's easier to switch lots of stuff off when you leave the house (and back on when you come back).

On new buildings (and when old building are rewired) just add an extra line to all power wiring. Now you have 2 x live, 1 x neutral, 1 x earth.

Every outlet and light switch has a small extra switch (perhaps behind a plate) to choose between one of the two lives.

Now near the front door of the house, in the hallway, there is a switch that switches on and off one of the two circuits.

So, you leave all of that evil stuff on standby, just like you do now. TVs, stereos, computers, lights that you can't be bothered to switch off. But now it is all on the "new" circuit. All the stuff that needs to stay on, you leave on the "old" circuit.

When you leave the house just flick the one switch and it's all really off. When you come back just flick the switch and it all goes back on.

Thank you, AllyAl,for saving the planet once again.

AllyAl, Nov 17 2007

(?) let the stags rut in peace - last one up, turn the lights out. http://www.road-to-...les.org.uk/rum.html
[po, Nov 17 2007]

(?) GreenSwitch http://www.greenswitch.tv/
As seen on TV. [baconbrain, Nov 17 2007]

Clock-to-Clock_20Interface [pertinax, Nov 19 2007]


       Without searching for links I know exist, home control systems exist already that allow you to control it any way you like, via computer or wall mounted control.   

       Even put it by the front door if you like.
Giblet, Nov 17 2007

       can I just keep the fridge on please? do you think that the planet would mind just one teensy weeny fridge?   

       hey, wouldn't it be great if the entire planet had a big huge red off-switch. where would one place such a switch? probably best placed on the Isle of Rum.
po, Nov 17 2007

       //Change household wiring standards// This is the only new part of the idea. That being said, it's a good idea.   

       [po] - The fridge is connected to the live circuit, not the switched live so your Chardonnay will be nice and chilled when you get home.   

       The only problem I can see is the constant resetting of clocks on equipment - but manufacturers will soon catch up.
wagster, Nov 17 2007

       I just saw this on TV. Not a commercial, but a show about energy savings. See the GreenSwitch link.
baconbrain, Nov 17 2007

       <swigs chardonnay> fabulous - great zzzzzzzzz
po, Nov 17 2007

       Of course there are loads of electronic / wireless systems that are similar or could be used to achieve a similar result. Great - these are good solutions to retrofitting existing systems which is not where this idea is at.   

       This one is to change building regulations to make it mandatory. And it really consumes zero power when it's off, by the way.
AllyAl, Nov 20 2007

       "This one is to change building regulations to make it mandatory."
Not what the halfbakery is about. Focus on what is different in your idea to the way people already do things and not on making something happen en mass by legislating.
st3f, Nov 20 2007


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