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Treadle Power

Use a self powered sewing machine to make power
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Treadle sewing machines are pretty awesome, however, I don't sew. My Idea is to use the foot pedal mechanism to spin a washing machine motor that powers my laptop.
auto-chord, Aug 08 2009

Treadle's http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treadle
What they are and stuff [auto-chord, Aug 08 2009]

Washing machine generator http://www.yourgree...y_fisher_paykel.php
This sort of thing [auto-chord, Aug 08 2009]


       [sp: Treadles - you mean the plural, not the possessive.]   

       (+) The combination of sewing machine and generator is quite original and interesting.   

       This might go over well with those geeks who like to vibrate their knees up and down while they work.
jutta, Aug 09 2009

       Where I live we call that "disco-leg". It's an expression also known to rock climbers.
xenzag, Aug 09 2009


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