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Vine-a-like power cords

Power cords that have fake leaves for aesthetics
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As I stand here trying to tidy up the mass of cords to my PC, that are visible as they hang in a tangled web down the back of the shelf rack my laptop is on I reflect upon how untidy the whole power cord and usb cord and sound cable for speakers and all the rest are. I put a plant in front to disguise the cables....BUT !!! Why dont we have cables with the fake green leaves and flowers etc protruding from them?. Fake plants look marvellously real. And maybe wall sockets that look like umm, flower pots to plug them into?
Elitefingerbun, Oct 21 2005

Fishbone http://www.tokyoman...ishtension_cor.html
No, wait, that's a *fishbone extension cord* - not a negative vote! A similar concept from Japan. [DrCurry, Feb 07 2007]

baked now http://electrovine.com/
[Kansan101, Jan 10 2013]


       Love this idea - an entire range of office wiring products designed to look like something else. I'm temped to go even further and have the computers, printers and monitors themselves shaped into more natural designs. Sitting at your workstation would be like visiting some woodland grove, that ran Windows XP.   

       I am sleepy this morning and was imagining this to be some method for heavy metal guitarists to get the most out of their playing styles.
zen_tom, Oct 21 2005

       Skipped over this one this morning as it really didn't grab me and I think it's baked, but it has kept popping into my mind all day as I look at the various wires around my house. I spend too much time already doing "cable management", it would be so much easier if the cables looked nice to begin with.
wagster, Oct 21 2005

       Agree, wagster, but fake leaves? It'd look like you had fake plants draped all over, which is not a universally loved image. Reminds me too much of my grandmother's guest room. We need something. I've been dreaming about it for years, but haven't come up with it yet. I think this is close, though, as long as the leaves are not trying to be fake leaves, but some leaf inspired shape, perhaps, rendered in soft urethane, translucent, I don't know. Just don't make it something it's not. Looks too trailer trashy.
oxen crossing, Oct 22 2005

       Leaves not your thing? How about sticks, snakes. Instead of getting all the computer manufacturers to fall in line, why not just come up with some slip on covers? You could pick the motif you wanted and apply any cord.   

       [zen] You are on to something. The first Apple computers were earthtone to not scare away technophobes. Interesting parallel to the technology look in the movie "The Final Cut", where computers have wood cases. I wouldn't take much to make my printer look like a fireplace log.
siwel, Oct 22 2005

       As if cables are not messy enough by themselves, you want to make even more mess by draping leaves and snakes all over the damn things. In my opinion that would make the job of cable tidying even more of a chore as leaves would get entangled in coils of cable and such like.   

       It would probably cause a fire hazard too.   

       I think that wireless AC is the way to go here. We can beam any amount of signals and messages around the place, why not electricity itself?   

       I know that there are people working on some sort of microwave propulsion type experiment and have had some success with it. Surely this technology could be adapted for localized power distribution.
Salmon Of Doubt, Oct 23 2005

       Beams of heavy power flying invisibly through the air have some inherent safety problems, however you transmit them.
wagster, Oct 23 2005

       When I saw the title I thought the idea would be about the power cords having little wire tendrils, like vines have tendrils that wrap around supports. A vine chord would have tiny wire extensions (insulated from the power chord itself) you would use to attach the wire to supports, instead of the more common method, Sellotape.   

       I like this idea too.
Veho, Feb 07 2007

       I've always wanted a way to hide my cords. +
nomocrow, Feb 07 2007

       I just spent an afternoon arranging plastic vines. I must say that the leaves and flowers make them snag more than regular cords, whether or not there is power or information being sent through them.   

       I would favor some sort of self-winding apparatus, like they use for dog leashes, and certain computer mice. All the same, decoration is a private affair, and if you want vines, or snakes, or fake barbed wire to juice up your computer, then fine, it's a cute idea.
ye_river_xiv, Feb 07 2007

       Fake barbed wire lamp cord!
nomocrow, Feb 08 2007

       Baked 8 years later.
Kansan101, Jan 10 2013

       Wireless AC? Yeah that's fully baked. It's called "Lightning" and yeah, you dont want that floating around everywhere.
Brian the Painter, Jan 11 2013


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